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Need Help: Translate Message from Burgos Municipal Albergue


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My knowledge of Spanish is still in its novitiate. So, with the aid of Google translate, I sent an email to the municipal albergue association in Burgos to inquire (or so I thought :roll: ) if I could stay there the night before my walk begins. I received a response that I’m having difficulty interpreting. It seems to have mixed messages. I’m hoping those who are fluent in Spanish can help me out here with gleaning what the response means. Thanks.

This is my inquiry email:
Hola. Voy a empezar mi Camino en Burgos a mediados de mayo. ¿Es
posible permanecer en el albergue la noche antes de mi caminata
comienza? Gracias.

This is the response
Estimada peregrina, no es posible hacer a tan largo plazo una previsión de
alojamiento en nuestro albergue. Como sabrá las plazas se dan a los
peregrinos por riguroso orden de llegada y, según el grado de ocupación
(siempre a criterio del hospitalero), tienen prioridad los que han andado
ese día, cosa razonable por ser los que llegan cansados.

Por todo ello nos es imposible decirle con seguridad si tendrá o no
alojamiento. No obstante, en caso de haber disponibilidad estaremos
encantados de contar con su presencia en nuestras instalaciones.

Cordiales saludos
Hi, Sheesh,

Here is a rough translation

Dear Pilgrim,
It's not possible to make arrangements so far in advance. As you probably know, places in the albergue are given out according to the strict order in which the pilgrims arrive. Depending on the hospitalero's judgment and how crowded the albergue is, priority will be given to those who have walked that day. That's reasonable because they will be more tired.

So because of all that, it's impossible to tell you whether or not you will get a place in our albergue. If there is space, though, we will be delighted to serve you.

Best wishes.


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Lots ;0)
My Spanish is at best survival level, but I can transliterate this for you ... What it says is that they cannot guarantee you a bed ( you cannot book a bed in advance) because beds are provided on a first come, first served basis. A rule that applies to all municipal, parochial and even some private Albergues.

However, that does not exclude you from a bed. If you are starting from Burgos the only requirements to entitle you to a bed ( other than availability ) are that you are a pilgrim ( you intend, insha'Alla, to complete the pilgrimage to Santiago) and that you have a Credential that declares this. (Credentials are obtainable from the Albergue at Burgos as it is a common starting point for many pilgrims).

If your comfort is dependent on a guaranteed bed in Burgos on the night before you commence your journey there are many options open to you including a wide variety of hotels and hostales where you could pre-book a room but, unless you are planning to walk peak season and are arriving in Burgos late in the day, relax; there will be a bed for you.
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Sheesh, just get there early and wait.
They won't take a reservation, but if you're there in time, they'll take you as long as you have a credential.
Most albergues let you stay if you are beginning your journey in their village.
It shouldn't be a problem.
I believe it opens at 12-12-30-there is always people waiting,it has something like 5 or 6 floors and they slowly take people up in the lift 2 at a time it seems to take forever but there is loads of beds and many people start there.


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Anniesantiago said:
Sheesh, just get there early and wait....
Yes, that's what I first thought of doing Annie. But after receiving the email and now with Laurie's translation (txs Laurie) verifying for me what I thought it said,

"Depending on the hospitalero's judgment and how crowded the albergue is, priority will be given to those who have walked that day...."

.... I'm not so sure.

Burgos is an expensive city for non-Albergue accommodation. And although, due to a late arrival, I have a hotel lined up for my first night there, I wanted to save the second night's expense. Also I would have liked to experience this new(ish) Albergue.

But it seems now that even if I joined the queue for the noon opening, I might have to wait all day for other pilgrims to arrive and be admitted, only to be denied a bed eventually at the call of the hospitalero.



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I am 99% certain that you won't have any problem getting a bed in May. The albergue is huge, and they probably will fill only the first couple of floors in May.

There are another 16 beds a long block away here:
Los Albergues: Albergue Divina Pastora
Dirección: C/ Lain Calvo, 10
Localidad: Burgos
Teléfono de contacto: 947 20 79 52
Propiedad del albergue: Asociación de Comerciantes e Industriales de Burgos
Institución o administración encargada de los costes de mantenimiento: Asociación de Comerciantes e Industriales de Burgos
Persona encargada de atender el albergue: Voluntarios
Observaciones: En el siglo XV fue hospital de peregrinos de Santiago y Santa Catalina. Hay misa diaria en la capilla.
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If you get there early, I'd say it's a very safe bet you'll have a bed. They won't make you wait around to see if they fill up, I'm sure. And once you're in, they won't kick you out. Don't sweat it! Buen camino!
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Divina Pastora is a great place, but they definitely will NOT let you stay unless you walked that day. I don´t think you will have any problems staying at the municipal. Don´t worry!


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falcon269 said:
I am 99% certain that you won't have any problem getting a bed in May. The albergue is huge, and they probably will fill only the first couple of floors in May.
I was there in May once and it was completo. I got one of the last beds at at 15.30.
So arrive early and hope for the best.
If you want to be sure and don´t want to worry why not book a room.
You should be able to find a room for €30.

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