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Last October, my chronic knee played out in Nájera which forced my abandonment of the CF. With the help of a great surgeon and an evil physical therapist, I am back training for my next Camino with a brand new knee. With this bionic equipment, I intend to be a smarter pilgrim by traveling lighter and choosing a route with less tarmac. I appreciate your opinions on a late March Camino de Madrid for me 15 months after surgery. Thanks!!



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No input on the Madrid Camino from me, as I haven't done it yet. Just wanting to wish you all the best and Buen Camino with your new knee, SY

Mike Savage

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That is wonderful mlhhome. I am glad you will be able to continue walking the Camino.

Buen Camino!

C clearly

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I can't offer any comments on the knee, but have a look at this thread on the Camino de Madrid in March 2018.


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Your new knee should be all set for walking. All swelling should be gone after a year. I also hope you have recovered good range of motion. Despite not being so lucky with my range of motion, I easily walked 20-25kms this spring with my new knee less than one year after my surgery. I did arrange for bag transport, just to be safe.

Buen camino!



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After 15 months your knee will be as good as it is gong to get, but...keep exercising it. I do not know what regimen you are on but strength and flexibility will be important wherever you walk and the more you walk the better your strength and flexibility will be.

Keep on top of it, though. If you feel pain go immediately to your knee doc. There are a lot of things that can go wrong inside there and none of them are pleasant. I have found most of them, having my right knee replaced 4 times now. Glue stopped holding the knee onto the leg, too large a knee replacement and a spike placed down the inside of the bone which was angled wrong. Nothing I expected and nothing you should be concerned about, but it can happen and it is better to have the doc work on it than wait until it fails.

Good luck to you and as you said, keep off the asphalt!

Walter or Carol

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So glad I got a full knee replacement 18 months ago. Don't really know what good as new means because it hurt for so many years. The exercise is vital as others have mentioned. A stationary bike has also helped. I've been able to make several short hikes and am building up strength for my Camino walk in Sept 2018. Love the new knee. The only thing I miss is not being able to tell if it going to rain soon! Good luck and keep moving.


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Most importantly you've suffered at the hands of an evil physiotherapist, most of the people I've met who have had a bad experience following knee replacement didn't have/do physio. Otherwise you appear to be doing all the right things and particularly watch the Wight you try to carry. I've asked my surgeon to fit a good old fashioned grease nipple on mine so I can walk with a grease gun to keep it well lubricated - he's not impressed.


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Don't all of us oldies wish our joints could be coated with Vibram! Bring on the day when the research gives us an injectable rubber filler.


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