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Thanks to Ivar and mig our moderator, there is now a new section specifically dedicated to the Camino del Sureste. I just recently discovered that the Sureste and the Levante are actually two different routes, though they coincide in certain places. From what I can tell, the Sureste connects with the Frances in Astorga, going via Benavente. The Levante, in contrast, connects with the Vdlp in Zamora, which then gives you the option a few kms further on, in Granja de Moruela, to go to the Frances or the Sanabres. But I also know there is a way to go from the Sureste to the Sanabres, though it may be a bit "off route."

It seems that the Sureste, starting in Alicante, is a more historical camino, whereas the Levante (from Valencia) is said to be more of a pre-fab GR kind of route. That is not too important to me, however, since I walked the Invierno and loved it, though there are many naysayers who scorn it for a lack of "authenticity."

I am trying to decide which of these two routes to walk next summer. I am definitely leaning more towards the Levante, since three forum members have walked it and are giving me lots of help. Also, unless I'm mistaken, it seems that there are fewer 40+ km stages on the Levante, and that there are creative "work-arounds" for those that do hit that number.

BUT, I would really like to hear from anyone who has walked from Alicante, so if there are any Sureste veterans out there, I'd love to hear about your experiences.

Buen camino, Laurie


Nunca se camina solo
Yes - so would I and also any information on La Ruta de la Lana from Alicante. I think this is a little know route. Here is what Peter Robbins says about it:

"The Asociación Amigos del Camino de Santiago de Alicante and the Amigos del Camino de Santiago de Cuenca have created a route from Alicante and Cuenca, based partly on drove roads, crossing the Camino de Levante at Almansa, and linking with the Camino Francés at Burgos.
See Camino de Requena for connecting route from Valencia and Requena to Monteagudo de las Salinas. For mapping of Alicante-Villena section, see Camino del Sureste which follows the same route.
Mundicamino has a detailed description of the route from Alicante to Monteagudo de las Salinas, under the name Camino Alicantino, and from there to Burgos."

and another description:

"The Ruta de la Lana is based on a commercial route formerly used in the wool (lana) trade. A pilgrimage on the route is documented as early as 1624. Depending on the source, the route is described as starting on the Mediterranian coast at Alicante or from the tiny village of Monteagudo de Las Salinas southeast of Cuenca. 380 km from Alicante running in a straight line horthwest through Almansa (crossing the Camino de Levante), Cuenca and Santo Domingo de Silos to Burgos where it joins the Camino francés. "

So many routes - so little time! :)


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So, do you think we need a separate section for the Camino de la Lana? Sil had a post a while back about some problem with route blockage, so it is a camino with traffic.

I know only a very little about the Camino de la Lana. Alejandro, the hospitalero/owner of the albergue in Bodenaya on the Primitivo, walks every year in January when he closes his albergue. Last year he walked from Cuenca to ??? for two weeks on the Camino de la Lana. He told me that it's beautiful, well marked, no albergues at all, but plenty of private accommodation available.

Buen camino, Laurie

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