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News from Rosina in Santiago


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Greetings from hauntingly lovely Santiago.
Is it worth it to come all the way over for only three days? ABSOLUTELY!
Now, for the good news: The Botafumeiro will fly tomorrow Saturday, at the Pilgrims´Mass at noon. (I have it on the very best authority). So..... if some of you are in Santiago, or nearby, or know anyone in the environs you may want to hurry over.
The Botafumeiro is nopt in much use lately (once every three weeks or so); the "tiraboleiros" (the guys that do the work) do not like the new rope: they find it hard to control and to manage.... and it keeps stretching; consequently the appearances of the botafumeiro are few and far between. They are, however, working on new ropes made of natural sisal.
More goods news: there are new signs everywhere pointing to the Cathedral and to the pilgrims´office, in various languages, which start out where pilgrims usually approach the city.
News is that there will be a requirement that anyone who solicits a permit to run an albergue, private or otherwise, must have made the pilgrimage in person at least once. This resolution was arrived at by the hospitaleros themselves when they had their big reunion two months ago, and it is, in fact, being urged by them. Presumably one who has been a pilgrim will more readily understand the needs of pilgrims.... which makes sense.
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Latest news from Rosina:

National Geographic is filming a 6 part (half an hour) series called “Codex Calistinus” which will expound on that ancient document. The series will be shown on International National Geographic, which probably will not be viewable in the USA owing to the commercial protectionism of TV interests here which excludes international broadcasts, (even on PBS or cable).

The Xunta has acquired the rights to one of the ancient buildings abutting Platerias Square (where the horses’ fountain is). The commercial tenants presently occupying it will vacate it to allow for its adaptation of the ancient building as the new Pilgrims’ museum. The present one, located at No. 4 Rua San Miguel, right above Azabacherias will move to the new location and will be fully in use there by the next Holy Year, 2010.

In 1170 the “Order of the Camino de Santiago” was formed to enlist knights in protecting pilgrims from marauding and attacking Musulmans (Muslims) throughout the Camino. The Order has been revitalized today as a foundation and it counts with 700 active Knights and “Dames” dedicated to the protection of the heritage of the Camino. Reportedly, its principal purpose is to form a bulwark against encroaching commercial intrusions and the like which threaten to turn the Camino into a sporting “trek”, or cheap “holiday”, etc. robbing it of its spiritual significance. (This sounds like a Society worth joining).

The Tourism and Information Department in Santiago has announced new forms of recognition to be afforded to Compostela earning pilgrims. Upon presentation of the Compostela at a tourist and information office, and a picture ID, such pilgrims will be granted the right to attend museums for free and to go in tours organized by Roxoi to visit places heretofore out of bounds to ordinary tourists, like workshops in art centers, inner courts and salons of major government buildings, etc.

There is something of an outcry being voiced about the maintaining the Portico of Gloria permanently out of reach of the hands of pilgrims; for a few months, already, no one has been able to put her/his hand on the hand-print left in the “tree of Jesse” in the Portico by those millions that came before us. The argument is being made that the “laying of hands” has a deep religious and spiritual significance…. As evidenced by the putting of one’s hand on the Bible when sworn into office or in court, the laying of a priest’s hand in baptism, or last rites, etc. etc. etc. (my personal belief is that the argument won’t fly….. the pillar is far too damaged by so much indiscriminate touching and it begs protection).

The Archicofradia has sent out invitation for the Day of Saint James celebrations: On the 23rd. of July, from 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. there will be a Cofrades' “vigil” service at the Cathedral. This will be accompanied by mournful music dirges played in some flute or piccolo-like instruments called “faggots” (!!!!!!). The 25th of July, lest we forget, observes the day when Saint James was beheaded by the Jews on orders from their then king Herod in 44 A.D. On the 25th itself there will be a special Mass for the Archconfratrernity members (with reserved seats, if you please) at 10.00 a.m. followed by lunch at the Seminary.

The red-coated volunteers who help pilgrims and tourists (primarily pilgrims) are already all over the place and there is at least one helicopter in constant watch over the Casco. In previous Saint James’ days there have been as many as 5,000 (five thousand) pipers around the Cathedral who, I’m told, manage to play in harmony. On the evening of July 25th there will be the traditional “burning of the Cathedral”: the façade of the Cathedral, and the towers, are reproduced in fireworks material and at a given hour are set off in Obradoiro; this is followed by the traditional fireworks from the Cathedral’s roof which, to tell by the ones at the opening/closing of the Holy Door in Xacobean years, are mind-boggling spectacular. Right now already there are all sorts of concerts all over the place; national and international artists everywhere and, in general, a tremendous do is a-building.

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