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Next World Youth Day will be in Madrid


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At the conclusion of the WYD Papal Mass at Randwick Racecourse, the Pope announced WYD 2011 would be hosted by Madrid, the capital of Spain.

"The time has come for me to say goodbye, or rather, to say arrivederci!" the Pope said to a crowd of several hundred thousand today.

"I thank you all for your participation in World Youth Day 2008 here in Sydney and look forward to seeing you again in three years' time.

"World Youth Day 2011 will take place in Madrid, Spain."

The Spanish section of the congregation broke out in loud cheers at the announcement.
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The theme chosen by the Pope for the international World Youth Day in Madrid, scheduled for Aug. 16-21, 2011 has been cause of some amusement in Australia.

"Rooted." Crikey! Whatever the pope was doing up at the Kenthurst Study Centre near Sydney in the days before WYDSYD, he clearly was not getting lessons in the Australian language. Which is a pity, because if he HAD then he would not have approved the newly issued Theme for World Youth Day Madrid 2011: "Rooted and built up in Jesus Christ, firm in the faith".
Its going to be difficult to get Australians to take THAT seriously. For the benefit of overseas pilgrims, "rooting" does not means here what it means in America. The prospect of young Australian Catholics travelling to Spain to get rooted is unlikely to win parental support.
The idiom for "rooted" has the same meaning here in NZ..... a bit of an oops in Antipodean English.... the Pope clearly does not have an English translator that hails from this part of the world!
I've never come across that expression - much nicer than 'getting off', which I assume means much the same thing, here in England. I have never really come to grips with the American 'fooling about' - but that sounds much more fun! Or is that out of date?

Must get off to work now - only logged on to check time of Christmas dinner for the 'gang of five' Mere Quilters tonight. I expect I'll be too stuffed to check the forum tonight. Or does 'stuffed' have a dodgy connotation too?

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