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Now biggest pilgrim forum/group


Staff member
Pop the champagne, the santiago-today forum is now (as far as I know) the biggest pilgrim forum/group measured by number of members.

Congrats everyone, keep the questions, comments and experiences coming....

Greetings from Santiago de Compostela,
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Past OR future Camino
2002 CF: 2004 from Paris: 2006 VF: 2007 CF: 2009 Aragones, Ingles, Finisterre: 2011 X 2 on CF: 2013 'Caracoles': 2014 CF and Ingles 'Caracoles":2015 Logrono-Burgos (Hospitalero San Anton): 2016 La Douay to Aosta/San Gimignano to Rome:
Congratulations Ivar! Almost 7000 posts. And, what is really great to see is all the pilgrims who remain members once they have done their camino. Helping the next generation of pilgrims is a great way of giving back.

Here are some "Congratulations" in different languages. Please add to them! (From ... tions.html)

AFRIKAANS veels geluk / goeie wense (formal)
ALSATIAN gràtülierung
ARABIC mabrouk / tahani (literary arabic)
ARMENIAN chnorhavor / chnorhavorankhner
AZERI tebrikler
BAMBARA félicitation
BASQUE zorionak
BELARUSIAN Вiншую (vinšuju)
BENGALI abhinandon
BOBO félicitation
BOSNIAN čestitam (formal) / svaka cast (informal)
BRETON gourc'hemmenoù
BULGARIAN pozdravlénia
BURMESE gon pyute pa te
CATALAN felicitats
CORSICAN felicitazioni
CROATIAN cestitke
CZECH blahopřání / gratulace
DANISH tillykke
DUTCH gefeliciteerd
ESPERANTO gratulojn
ESTONIAN palju õnne
FAROESE tillukku
FINNISH onnittelut / onnea
FLEMISH gefeliciteerd
FRENCH félicitations
FRISIAN lokwinske
FRIULAN auguri
GALICIAN parabéns
GERMAN Glückwunsch
GREEK sinharitiria
GUARANÍ rogüerohory
HAITIAN CREOLE felisitasyon
HEBREW mazal tov
HINDI subhkamna
HUNGARIAN gratulálok (I) gratulálunk (we)
ICELANDIC til hamingju
IRISH GAELIC comhgháirdeachas
ITALIAN congratulazioni / felicitazioni
JAPANESE omedetô
KABYLIAN mabrouk
KHMER kyum chouee tre aw
KURDISH piroz dikim
LAO somseuï
LATVIAN apsveicu
LEBANESE mabrouk (or "tahani" in literary arabic)
LITHUANIAN laimingai / sveikinu
LOW SAXON efeliciteer
LUXEMBOURGEOIS félicitatiounen
MALAGASY arahabaina
MALAY tahniah
MALTESE congratulazzjoni
MAORI ka nui ngaa mihi
MONGOLIAN bayar hurgeye (Баяр хvргэе)
NORWEGIAN gratulerer
PERSIAN tabrik miguyam (formal) / mobârake, tabrik migam (informal)
POLISH gratulacje
ROMANI baxtaripe
ROMANIAN felicitări
RUSSIAN pozdravlaiu
SARDINIAN in ora bona
SCOTTISH GAELIC meala-naidheachd ort (singular, familiar)
meala naidheacht oirbh (plural, respectful)
SERBIAN cestitam
SHONA makorokoto
SINDHI wadhayoon mubarkoon
SINHALA subapaethum
SLOVAK blahozelania
SLOVENIAN čestitam ti
SOBOTA zobdone
SPANISH felicidades
SWAHILI ponguezi
SWEDISH grattis
TAMIL paratthoukal
TATAR kotlym sezne
THAI ขอแสดงความยินดีด้วย (kaw sadeng kwam yin dee duay)
TURKISH tebrikler / bravo
UDMURT dzéchkylaśko (on behalf on one person)
dzéchkylaśkom (on behalf of two or more persons)
URDU mubarik ho
WALOON ("betchfessîs" spelling) proficiat
WELSH llongyfarchiadau
WEST INDIAN CREOLE on gwan woulo / ba mwen la men an lèw
YIDDISH masel tov


Active Member
Wether it is the biggest or not is not really important Ivar, although I understand that as a webmaster it has some importance for you and taht it makes you proud.

What is important is that people get help here, as I obtained two years ago before I started the Camino Francès. I now try to help future pilgrims in a small way and as honestly as I can.

Keep up the good work Ivar because I know the work required in the background to have a clean forum despite hackers and other stupid people.
Thank you Ivar, you certainly deserve the distinction of turning the santiago-today forum into one of the most useful forum, I had trouble logging in and Ivar guided me through to successful log-in. It is commendable as Ivar was replying to my query personally within hours. An interactive forum with a live, kind, and practical moderator is as or more important than being the largest, if you have unsure of the size you will be, if you are not already, the biggest pilgrim forum/group with your tender loving care.

Joe & Sue ...pilgrims to be in May from New Zealand

ivar said:
Pop the champagne, the santiago-today forum is now (as far as I know) the biggest pilgrim forum/group measured by number of members.

Congrats everyone, keep the questions, comments and experiences coming....

Greetings from Santiago de Compostela,
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Deleted member 397

I'd like to add my congratulations too. I do encourage people to use the option of the coin in the box to show their appreciation in a tangible way.


New Member

...but growing in popularity seems to have its dowsides, too. I get the following error messages every day now, several times per day. Maybe you need to reconfigure your mySQL and/or reboot your Windohs. :)

phpBB : Critical Error

Could not connect to the databasePHP Warning: mysql_pconnect(): User santiago@ has already more than 'max_user_connections' active connections in D:\webserver\\www\board\db\mysql4.php on line 48 PHP Warning: mysql_error(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in D:\webserver\\www\board\db\mysql4.php on line 330 PHP Warning: mysql_errno(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in D:\webserver\\www\board\db\mysql4.php on line 331


Staff member
Regarding the error, I have seen it too... the problem seems to be that the site is on a shared server and they limit the number of connections to the database to 15 simultaneous connections.

I think the problem occurs when google crawls the site (it crawls the site with several different IP's at a time, and it crawls a lot of pages at a time as well)... I will try to restrict google to crawl that often, and see if this fixes it... if not I would have to move to a new and better server (and more expensive).

If anyone has any experience and advice, please contact me off the board.

Un saludo,


New Member


Thank you for your great efforts. It is a credit to you and all fellow pilgrims who add total value and insight to the forum.

I have found much valuable info which I know will only assist me when I do the camino in May.
Thankyou to all for sharing and I look also forward to the day where I may add with my experiences.

Bless to all and continue to the sharing

Paolo :D
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Thank you for creating such a helpful and successful site. I would never have had the confidence to attempt the Camino without it. Like so many others, I'm now hooked! Last year I walked the Camino Frances from O Cebreiro. This year, I'm planning to walk the Camino Portugues.

Thank you Ivar and 'buen camino' to all felllow pilgrims.

Ivar, thank you for serving as webmaster & creating this wonderful online community! I have received much advice which I intend to follow for my Camino Part I this May.

Thank you to all the members of this forum for making it the warm, welcoming place that it is!



Active Member
Congratulations Ivar! :lol: I love this site - have now made it my home page and have learnt so much through reading the discussions each day. I can't wait to do my own camino and then come back here to share with others. I like the simple set out and ease of listings - very user friendly for me and again, thank you for setting this up for all of us in the little place we call the world. On sites like this it brings us all into one small back yard, sitting around the table, in discussion, accepting each other's differences of opinion......oh! if only the big wigs of the world could take note. :roll: cheers and thanks, Jane


Maggie Ramsay
Past OR future Camino
Santiago de Compostela (2005) Via Francigena (2010) Le Puy to St Jean (2014)
I used only this forum when we were planning and we were very well prepared. The advice was great, and the atmosphere in the discussions feels very friendly and supportive. Thank you!
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Camino walkers love this gripping, intriguing, mystery with history novel.


In my days - 1973 - these things used to run on steam and with a soldering iron you were actually king of the computer cum programing world... Sorry old me is an old IT hand.

I run a forum about NZ (and a few websites, mostly pro bono) and so I just happen to know what amount of work lies behind that all.

Nice forum, Ivar. Good work, mate. Thank you.


Well said Howie.

From my participation in Santiago related forums I know that moderators, more often than not pro bono, have a great responsibility in managing/upkeeping it.

This high quality forum attests to the great work that Ivar is doing.

Buen Camino :arrow:


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