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October babies?


Well my friends and family think I must be crazy (maybe I am), but after having walked the Camino Frances May/June of this year, I don't feel finished with the experience, and am going back for more this October.

The first time was a physical/mental experience for me, the next time I will be focusing more on the emotional/spiritual part. The camino is still calling.....I have the time, all my equipment so why not...

I still undecided about which Camino to walk, the CF is familiar to me, although the other routes look interesting. Is anyone on this forum planning to walk the Camino this October, and if so which route? I expect there will be more rain in Oct., although we had lots in May-June of this year, so maybe not much different.

Already getting excited :D !!

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i am planning on walking the del norte in october, if my health sorts itself out.. i like the idea of it being less travelled. i'm also focussing more on the spiritual/ emotional side... and everyone thinks i am very crazy. :)
I should be hitting SJPP around the 11th of October, after coming from Le Puy. I'm planning on having a couple of rest days there before heading up to Roncevalles and the CF (I'm guessing mid-Novemeber finish).

Hope to see some forum members out there. Anyone else starting from Le Puy in September??
I will be heading out from SJPdP on the 5th of October and hope to finish about the 11th of November. My fitness level is such that I have no doubt Aarleks that if you arrive in SJPP on the 11th Oct and rest a couple of days you will still catch up with me.
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The crowds on the St. James will likely still be there in early October, and after looking at all the routes and portions thereof, I am leaning towards the VDLP. I only have about three weeks this time, so the Sevilla to Salamanca section looks perfect, it is about 500K.

I am so grateful that there is so much info on this forum and elsewhere, from what I have read I can easily complete this section in my alloted time. I am a seasoned pilgrim, so I have some idea of what to expect.

It feels so good to be planning another Camino, and I can't wait to be walking again.

Hope to meet some of you on the trail, although from what I have read I may have long periods of solitude. Whatever the universe brings to me, it will be the right and perfect Camino, and so be it.

:arrow: Lora

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Hi. I’m Alex. Leaving tomorrow for Madrid. Will be in SJPP on Sun. How’s the weather? See you soon!
Hi there, we are planning to walk the camino from the last 100km Frances route (Sarria), not sure July will be too hot to walk. Anyone has had experience to share please, thank you. Yoen
Enjoying my final section of unwalked Camino Frances over two years to Fisterra. A day off in Sahagun. Apparently this is the halfway point and certificate is available at the Santuario del la...
I will be doing the Camino Frances and it will be my first Camino. I'm planning to start Sept 10th from SJPP. I want to visit Italy after the Camino and eat some amazing Italian food. I'm nervous...
Kia ora from New Zealand! My husband and I walked the Camino Frances with 8 other family members in 2016 and will fly out from Christchurch New Zealand this Monday to walk from Le Puy to Santiago...
Hi there ....Im starting my camino in Lisbon May 2024- does anybody perhaps know where other pilgrims meet up before actually starting the walk the next day? I am hoping to meet pilgrims...

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