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Okay to start anywhere along the route?


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I'm just beginning my Camino research and wonder whether it would be feasible to begin anywhere along an established route. I have about 2 to 3 weeks for the pilgrimage and would, ideally, like to end the walk at Santiago de Compostela, though I'm open to alternatives.

Thanks for any advice/suggestions,

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Where to start

Hello dear peregrina,
Lucky girl - you have so many choices!
With 2-3 weeks You could do the last 300kms of the Camino Frances from Leon to Santiago (311kms) or, you could do the first 5/6 days of the CF from St Jean to Estella and then get a bus to O'Cebreiro and walk from there to Santiago.

Or you could walk the Primitive Route from Oviedo to Santiago - one of the most beautiful - which passes through stunning countryside to Lugo and rejoines the Camino Frances.
The CSJ has this to say:
Many pilgrims left the Camino francés at León and travelled north to visit the Cámara Santa (Holy Chamber) in Oviedo Cathedral. Extra indulgences were thus gained. "Quien va a Santiago y no al Salvador, visita al criado y deja al Señor" (Whoever goes to Saint James and not to the Saviour, visits the servant and misses the Master.)

Or you could walk the Portuguese Route starting at Porto (± 232kms)

You could do the Camino Ingles which starts at Ferrol (110kms) and then carry on to Finisterre (±90kms)

Decisions, decisions!!
Whichever one you choose I hope you have a wonderful journey.
Big hug,

PS: Here are some websites on the Camino Primitivo for you to enjoy: ... itivo.html ... o.asp?id=3 ...
How kind of you to offer encouragement, Sil. I will indeed look into the Camino Primitivo. The more research I do, the less interested I am in the more travelled route. What I'm leaning toward is roads less travelled, even if they don't lead to the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela.

Off to do some more reading....

Thanks again,

Traveling to the camino

You are welcome Naneen.
The Primitive route is also known as the "Original Way", as the first pilgrims are said to have travelled to Santiago from the primitive kingdom of Asturia in the north. It could be the route taken by King Alphonso 11 who played a role in confirming that the remains found in Compostela belonged to the apostle St James.
The route from Oviedo marked the starting point of the Original Way.

You can read all about it on the Xacobeo website - ... idIdioma=3

You could also ask for a free booklet called "The Original Way" by mailing them at:

Just a comment on not walking to the cathedral in Santiago. Besides perhaps the road to Finisterre, all caminos (roads) lead to the Santiago Cathedral!
In my opinion, walking into the Obradoiro Square and seeing the cathedral is like the 'full stop' of the journey; or the cherry on the cake; or the dessert after dinner!
For me, not walking into Santiago would be like walking the Via Francigena and stopping short of St Peter's; or climbing the Jomson trek and not going to Muktinah; or travelling to Agra and not seeing the Taj Mahal....... etc etc
Put San'Tiago on your schedule - you won't be sorry - after all, there would be no Primitive Way or any other way without old Jimmy resting there in Compostela!
Big pilgrim hugs,

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