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Dear Pilgrims,
Day 3 was a hike, 9000 feet elevation in total, my All Trails app was a help. I’m going to work on not checking so often to make sure I’m on the path. Most people are friendly, I feel a Covid tension, but when I said good morning first, I got a response, all be it, with some reluctance. The bridge was scary for me, kept me in prayer, Lord Jesus Christ, son of the living God, have mercy on me, a sinner. Hotel Parque was 43€ and had a pool, a cool welcome relief 😅 I ate dinner out with friends, squid and potatoes 😋
Day 4 was long, I got lost for an hour looking for the coastal route and found myself at the beach drinking coffee. I followed the seashore most of the way up except when I got lost in a corn field 😂. I made it to A Guarda by 7:30pm, the long walk to Caminha looked like the yellow brick road to Oz. The St. Rita ferry is operating, no printed schedule, just a sign, working 6:30- 1900.
Day 5 Sunday, a rest day, there was a relic of San Benito at Mass this morning, what a glorious gift. I was early, 😁

I used Tuitrans to A Guarda and am using to transfer to stops to Santiago, paid 40€.

There is no transfer for the spiritual variant route. So far I’m booked through to Poio and I guess more will be revealed. I read that the amazing boat trip needs 8 people to book and a high tide? 60% chance of rain tomorrow.

I also searched for the link @ivar posted about the scheduled festivities-where to sign up-for the week of the 25th? If you have that, I’d appreciate the link. Also, any information on availability of seating for Mass on the 25th?

I was so blessed to be at the 150 year celebration of the Cathedral Basilica in St Augustine, my home parish at the time. There was a lottery for seating. It’s my understanding that Catholic Masses are open to all, usually a first come situation; however special occasions are special-any information if that will be the case for the feast day?
Kindest regards, Margaret


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