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On the way to Medesano, Italy

Thomas Yingst

Tom ... “the kid”
Time of past OR future Camino
Portugal. May 2019
On the way to Medesano

Got up this morning and spent an hour stretching ... back, neck, shoulders, Achilles’ tendon, etc. Also took my time eating breakfast, provided by the place I’m staying. Stretching and a leisurely breakfast is not what I’ve done on past Caminos. I figure I can take the time because I’m using a service that provides accommodations and luggage transport. Certainly not an inexpensive way of doing this. On past walks, I would usually get on the path before sunrise ... I will do that again on this walk ... but not as frequent. It is really nice not having to worry about finding a place to stay each night but doing it this way takes away some adventure and spontaneity. I’m just “peace’ing out” at breakfast ... kind of strange though ... I’m definitely trying to be more “mindful” of being in the present moment.

After breakfast, I headed toward the Via Francigena path, walking around in circles, trying to remember how to use the GPS map thingy on my iPhone, I finally made it out of Fidenza ... below is a picture of the cathedral, on the way out of town ...E9496876-ED03-4F7A-9BD9-6236E8EFC0A5.jpeg
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Did you stop into the VF office in Fidenza? They are very helpful with information.

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About 5 weeks ago, just before I left California, I was mentioning to my neighbor that I was going to be in Switzerland during my time away, hiking the Via Francigena. During this conversation...
Another early morning/dark start out of Besancon. Within a mile I was climbing two foot wide dirt trails in the forest. The entire day was spent in and out of the forest and up and down hills...
Anyone starting in Dover in the next few weeks that I can meet up with .Chrisy
Out the door at 5 and immediately into the hills, climbing a single track 👣 up, up and more up. Passed a beautiful castle and a bunch of baby goats. About mid morning the trail made a sharp...
News from the Via Francigena Association indicates they are trying to encourage more pilgrim specific accommodation on the route. I particularly liked this comment...
Got up late and went out and found a Dunkin Donuts coffee shop. I ordered the largest cup of coffee and walked to a laundromat to wash my well worn dirty laundry. I later walked to the beautiful...

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