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Opportunity to walk the Abraham Path


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Message from the Tours co-ordinator

I am excited to share with you a special opportunity this fall - a journey on the Abraham Path through Jordan, Palestine and Israel, from October 4 - October 15, 2008.

Highlights of the 12-day journey:

* Walk pilot segments of the Abraham Path in Jordan and Palestine. To travel by foot is the finest way to experience a deep immersion in the local and traditional way of life.
* Visit local businesses, including a soap factory in Jordan where village women produce olive oil soaps using only natural and local ingredients
* Meet local residents and make one-to-one connections
* Possible home stays with Palestinian families
* Explore the rich history of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and surrounding areas
* Learn from expert guides in each country
* Time to reflect, share and process the experience

This is an incredible opportunity to experience the warmth and hospitality of the Middle East in a way not often portrayed by the media. We encourage you to pass the word! Please forward this email and the attached brochure to others who may be interested.

Limited space is available, so please notify me soon if you are interested.

Thank you for your continued support of the Abraham Path.


Kathleen Michel
Tours Coordinator
Abraham Path Initiative
Fax: +1-303-447-0485

1245 Pearl Street, Suite 208
Boulder, CO 80302

PS: I have a pdf.file brochure that is too large to add here - if you would like one please mail me.
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Doesn't this look wonderful, Sil?

A friend of mine who lives in Jordan has told me about it. We're hoping to do it in October 2009.
2009 Abraham Path walks:

"We are offering two trips for a minimum of 10 people. Based on the first wave of responses to our announcement, we received a number of participants interested in the December trip and only a few interested in the October walk. It is likely then, that the December trip will go as planned. With regard to the October trip, this is less likely. If you are, however, interested in the October trip and think you may be able to put together a group of 10 people, we would be happy to work with you to arrange a special trip."

October: 14 day guided walk through Turkey and Syria
Explore the ancient city of Sanliurfa, in the company of the distinguished academic and API Representative Mehmet Oymak. According to the Islamic narrative, Sanliurfa is the place where Abraham was born and spent his boyhood. We visit the Cave of Abraham, the sacred fish pools and the old city
centre with its souk (bazaar) and caravanserai (traditional travellers’ inn). After lunch we visit a local house to see how people make scarves and tablecloths. In the afternoon there is free time for reflection. Overnight in Sanliurfa (Pomegranate House), with dinner at a local guest house.

December: 14 day guided walk through Jordan, Palestine and Israel

As you follow the cultural route of the Abraham Path through Jordan, Palestine and Israel, you will
journey through lands that have sustained and nourished the lives of ancient and modern peoples, lands which gave birth to Abraham and the children of Abraham. Little is known of the historical figure Abraham, but much is known of the values he embodies. It is said that Abraham’s tent was open in all four directions, indicating the generous hospitality with which he welcomed visitors. As you travel this itinerary, keep in mind that the Abraham Path is more than a route or a series of historical sites; it is a path to experiencing Abrahamic values such as hospitality and respect, and the rich history and cultural traditions of the regions. It is the experience of the traveller who offers and receives in a way that inspires mutual respect and understanding across cultures.

If anyone is interested in the full itineraries with prices please mail me as the files are too large to add here.

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