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Oslo - Lillehammer, June 20th


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We are all sorted now, except for the pilgrim passports - and are planning to pick them up here in Oslo this week.

There will be three of us, my husband, me and our 24-year-old son.

We old ones are going for comfort and luxury (=sleeping indoors, with accessible water and electricity), once we get to Lillehammer, we take the train back to Oslo and the young man, who recently got a new tent and a water filtration system, is carrying on towards Trondheim.

Once he has passed the most hilly bits, we may re-join him, possibly by driving to Oppdal to meet him, letting him exchange some of the stuff he has been carrying for other stuff (we have been discussing clean t-shirts and anything else he think might be useful), locking the car and walking with him to Trondheim - but we'll see.

If the weather report is too horrible, we may postpone our departure from Oslo by a day or two. But we ARE walking.


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I cannot remember there being any bits that weren't hilly! And in saying that, I think you are going to be letting your son enjoy some spectacular walking on his own - I hope he appreciates your generosity. :)


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God tur!


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Francés (2004-), Portugués, Madrid, 4/5 Plata, 1/8 Levante, 1/8 Lana, Augusta, hospitalera Grado.
We're home again! These were our stages:

1. Oslo - Lommedalen - already walked a few weeks ago, so we just took the bus
2. Lommedalen - Kleivstua (waiting for horrendous rain storm to be over) - Sundvolden (hot day)
3. Sundvolden - Haug kirke -Klækken hotell (hot day)(lots of interesting art in the hotel)
4. Klækken - Sognsgården (lovely, primitive place, still wish they had a shower and fewer flies, but it IS a working farm, and there is a washing machine!) (my husband's cousin came for an outdoor visit and we chatted for an hour)(hot day)
5. Sognsgården - Granavollen pilgrim centre/Søsterkirkene - Hadeland folkemuseum - Brandbu - taxi last 10 km uphill to Åstjern hyttetun (very, very hot day)(will go back to Brandbu to see the comics museum and walk those 10 km some time in the autumn)
6. Åstjern - Holthe gård (lovely place, washing machine) (rainy day)
7. Holthe - Kapp (hot day) (great pizza)
8. Kapp - Gjøvik (at least 1 km of underwater paths along Mjøsa, Crocs are lifesavers) (Duck King has the best Chinese food I've had in Norway)
9. Gjøvik - Husmannsstuggua, Biri (incredible place, the best bathroom ever)(still damned hot)
10. Biri - Vingom (and then the rain started beating down and we took a bus the last 10 km to Lillehammer, saw the current exhibition at the art museum and took the train home).

We're going back to walk for at least another week some time this summer, short stages only. My husband is really not happy past 20 km, and is walking very slowly now. But as long as he is still walking, I'm not complaining - much. It is easier to slow down to his speed when I have poles.

Our son started a lot later than we did on the Eastern Route, and has been walking long stages - 45 km yesterday. He will be in Lillehammer today, after only 25 km.

Pilger Franz

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When reading your post I was thinking about Norway after Covid-19 is open again!?
No, it is not :-(
You are Norwegians (who cannot get out).


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