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Other 'caminos' with a pilgrims feel?

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Pelgrimspad I, Via Monastica, Via Podiensis, Via de la Plata, Camino Francés, Camino del Norte...
My dream has been shattered. After half a year of waiting my employer said 'no' to my request for a 3 month's leave next summer. The last few years I walked from Amsterdam to Le-Puy-en-Velay. I really want to walk Le Puy to Santiago in one piece. Now I know that I have to postpone my dream until somewhere in the future, I would like to walk other routes in the meantime. Does anyone know if there are routes in other parts of Europe that are in some sense similar to the Camino feeling? Routes where it doesn't matter to start alone, because you will always meet fellow walkers? With good waymarks and enough cheap options to eat and sleep? Is there anything that comes close to the Camino experience?
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Well, it's not a pilgrimage, but I can recommend the Monmouthshire-Brecon Canal walk in Wales. It's a beautiful flat walk that doesn't take more than 3 days. There are pubs along the way and you can book lodging.

Offa's Dyke is also a shorter option if you don't mind rain.

The Aragones Route of the Camino is short and a very nice walk!
There are albergues all along the way.
You could walk from Jaca to Pamplona or start a few stages earlier.

We walked from Lourdes to Pamplona and that was a beautiful walk.


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What about a walk in the region of Assisi. This is something I have thought about from time to time :)
Peter Robins has this information about the routes on his site: http://pilgrim.peterrobins.co.uk/routes/details/francis.html

Here is someone's blog link. http://saintfranciswalk.blogspot.co.nz/

This third link is for an organised walk http://www.meravigliosaumbria.com/St.Francis walking tour.htm but it gives you a good idea of where the route goes.

I kept finding lots of links for commercial walks on Google this time, but I know I have found a good general intro another time- can't find it just now though!


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looks like you've done some GRs already so you'll know to what extent these are similar to a camino - at least in the way they can have a network of places to stay, though often more expensive. I only know GR10 quite well where you'd certainly meet others, but I don't think people tend to fall into walking groups the same way as they do on the camino.
Likewise if you came over to the UK (as Annie suggested) there is the South Downs Way which is a lovely 160k and has 2 youth hostels on it, another nearby in Arundel and this.. http://www.sustainability-centre.org which also serves as a funky hostel in an old military base (they have some tepees and organise cool stuff like natural burials), leaving about 3-4 nights of bed and breakfast (quite expensive) or camping.

But I think what you should do is take another camino route, but not as far as Santiago, as it looks like you want to save that for the end of your big journey, when you finally get to make it. I suggest if you can take three weeks, then walk the Norte coast from Irun to Oviedo (which used to be the destination for pilgrimages before Santiago, I believe).
cheers, tom


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Hi Luka!

There's the St Andrew's Way in Scotland, where you walk from Edinburgh up to St Andrew's. I think it's about 5 days.

It's a newly established route, so I don't think it will meet your criteria of lots of other walkers and low cost accommodation, but you could look into it. At least you'd get the celtic culture like Galicia and plenty of whisky.

There's also the West Highland Way which is longer and better established, so I assume the infrastructure is better. It's more a hike than a pilgrimage, though, unless you choose to make it one.

I've never done either so can't offer any personal experiences.

Buen Camino!


GR221 in Mallorca.
Some sections of original pilgrim paths, stupendous scenery and monasteries to stay in en route (Lluc, Puig St Maria, to name but 2). And rather warmer than northern Spain most times.
Plus a network of (bookable) refuges, spaced at convenient intervals.
Cheap flights to Palma via Easyjet.
What more could anyone want? I'm off there for the 3rd time in April. :D


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Camino(s) past & future
Pelgrimspad I, Via Monastica, Via Podiensis, Via de la Plata, Camino Francés, Camino del Norte...
Wow, thanks all for your many tips! I get inspired by them! I am going to sort them out a bit. There will be too many options to chose, I guess.

@tyrrek West Highland Way is on my bucketlist already. Thinking about walking it in May this year.

@peregrino-tom, you are right. I want to save the 'real' Camino for whenever in the future I will find the opportunity to walk it all the way from Le Puy.


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Because I'm keen to get back to Le Puy, I've had my eye on both the Stevenson and Regordane Ways, which are popular GR type routes out of Le Puy. (I'm also considering linking the Regordane with the Way of Arles, but just a week or two of strolling in the Auvergne would be nice.)

When I was overnighting in Saugues, there were a lot of French doing shorter GR excursions from there, even in early spring.

I like the Auvergne, and the people there. Must get back.

Just watch out for the Beast of Gevaudan!



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Camino(s) past & future
Pelgrimspad I, Via Monastica, Via Podiensis, Via de la Plata, Camino Francés, Camino del Norte...
Also a great idea! Sounds tempting. I found this website: http://www.lacroiseedeschemins.com/gran ... onnees.htm

It will be hard to choose!

@Anniesantiago, I am cosidering a part of the Via the la Plata. From Sevilla to Salamanca for example. Pilgrims, facilities, without coming too close to Santiago.

@KiwiNomad, I followed the Assisi way for a few days when I was walking from Vézelay to Le Puy en Velay. I read they allow only a certain amount of pilgrims (the last part) to be sure that everyone can find a place to sleep. That sounds pretty interesting.

@Sojourner, sounds beautiful! I only read that there are troubles with private property owners not letting hikers pass their land. I also read something about lack of way markers and accomodation the first three days.

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