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Other Pilgrimage routes


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Camino(s) past & future
2002 CF: 2004 from Paris: 2006 VF: 2007 CF: 2009 Aragones, Ingles, Finisterre: 2011 X 2 on CF: 2013 'Caracoles': 2014 CF and Ingles 'Caracoles":2015 Logrono-Burgos (Hospitalero San Anton): 2016 La Douay to Aosta/San Gimignano to Rome:
When you have walked all 20 of the camino routes and need a break, you could do other pilgrimage/cultural/historical trails - long or short.

Here are a few:

Via Francigena - to Rome:

St Francis - In Italy:

St Olaf's - Norway:

Via Carolingia - (Charlemagne's routes)

Phoenicians -

St Pauls Way - (Turkey) ... sevil.html

Mission chapel, Santuario de Chimayo in New Mexico (The Lourdes of America)

Mormon Historic Trail -

Mount Kalish in Nepal ... ?artid=177

Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage -

Then you could be like the pilgrim described by the English medieval poet, William Langland (c1332-c1400), who wrote of a pilgrim in Piers Plowman:

An hundreth of ampulles on his hatt seten,
Signes of Synay and the shelles of Galice
And many a cruche on his cloke and keyes of Rome,
And the vernicle bifore; for men shulde knowe
And se bi his signes whom he soughte had.
an odd text to quote (even if it does mention the Rood of Chester). Langland was being sarcastic; in his eyes, pilgrims were fools: people dressed as pagans ('paynims') who had been everywhere and knew nothing, far too busy collecting badges and souvenirs to concentrate on important things. 'Do you know a saint called Truth? Can you tell us how to get to where he lives?' 'God help me, no. I never came across any pilgrim looking for him.' Then up pops Piers the ploughman, who's been following Truth for 40 years.

Book V, line 513 ff if you're into Middle English.


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Camino(s) past & future
2002 CF: 2004 from Paris: 2006 VF: 2007 CF: 2009 Aragones, Ingles, Finisterre: 2011 X 2 on CF: 2013 'Caracoles': 2014 CF and Ingles 'Caracoles":2015 Logrono-Burgos (Hospitalero San Anton): 2016 La Douay to Aosta/San Gimignano to Rome:

Isn't there a little of Piers the Ploughman in all of us - chasing truth all our lives?


Heck Sil, you started me going on what I was planning on doing in the future :!:

Here's a bit on what I've found on other pilgrimage sites, so far.

It's from Wylkedia.

"The major Christian pilgrimages are to:

Jerusalem. Site of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.
Rome on roads such as the Via Francigena. Site of the deaths of Saint Peter, Saint Paul and other early martyrs. Location of sacred relics of various saints, relics of the Passion, important churches and headquarters of the Catholic Church.
Constantinople (today Istanbul, Turkey). Former capital of the Byzantine Empire and the see of one of the five ancient Patriarchates and spiritual see of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Hagia Sophia, former cathedral and burial place of many Ecumenical Patriarchs.
Lourdes, France. Apparition of the Virgin Mary. The second most visited Christian pilgrimage site after Rome.
Santiago de Compostela in Spain on the Way of St James (Spanish: El Camino de Santiago). This famous medieval pilgrimage to the shrine of Saint James is still popular today.

Other important Christian pilgrimage sites include:

Assisi, Italy, St Francis and St Clare, relics
Ávila, Spain, St Theresa of Avila, relics
Bethlehem, in Israel, Birthplace of Jesus and King David.
Canterbury associated with Saint Thomas à Becket.
Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec, Canada in honour of Our Lady of the Cape.
Cathedral of Chartres, France.
Miercurea Ciuc, Transylvania, Romania. Whit Sunday gathering of (mostly ethnic Hungarian) Catholics.
Croagh Patrick, Ireland. Saint Patrick.
Conques, France
Cologne, Germany. Relics of the Three Magi.
Częstochowa, Poland.Black Madonna of Częstochowa is housed pernamently in theJasna Góra Monastery
Glastonbury, England. St Joseph of Arimathea.
Goa, India. St. Francis Xavier
Hill of Crosses, Lithuania
House of the Virgin Mary, Turkey. Pope John-Paul II declared the Shrine of Virgin Mary as a pilgrimage place for Christians. [2]
Kapel in 't Zand, Limburg
Kevelaer, Germany
Knock, Ireland
Licheń, Sanctuary of Our Lady of Licheń
Lisieux, France. Saint Therese of Lisieux, burial place.
Lourdes, France. Apparition of the Virgin Mary. Place of healing.
Mariazell, Austria. Marian Shrine to Austria and Hungary
Međugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Apparitions of the Virgin Mary at the present.
Mount Athos, Greece. Orthodox monastic centre.
Mount Nebo, Jordan. Traditional site of the death of Moses.
Mount Sinai, Egypt, holy mountain to the ancient Hebrews, traditional site has been commemorated since time of Constantine
Nazareth, Israel, hometown of Jesus
Fatima, Portugal. Apparition of the Virgin Mary.
Padua, Italy, St Anthony, relics
Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland
Sacri Monti, Italy. The Sacred Mountains of Piedmont and Lombardy.
San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy, St Pio from Pietrelcina
Guadalupe, Spain
Sea of Galilee, Israel, site of Jesus' early ministry.
Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico City. Apparition of the Virgin Mary.
St. Andrews, Scotland, it is said that Saint Andrew was given, by God, directions to the location of St Andrews
St. Patrick's Purgatory, Donegal, Ireland
St. Thomas Mount, India. Place where St. Thomas was martyed.
Taizé Community, France, modern monastery that actively encourages pilgrimages to it
Nidaros Cathedral, Norway
Turin, Italy. Holy Shroud.
Vailankanni, India. 16th-century Mary apparition site.
Vierzehnheiligen, Germany.
Walsingham, England. Virgin Mary apparition site.
Wittenberg, Germany. Church of Martin Luther and centre of the Protestant Reformation.


Mandher Devi temple in Mandhradevi
Kukke Subramanya


Mecca .



Many more left, of course.

Buen Camino :arrow:


Dawn of a new Day

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Wow, where to start, need more time, less work, to do the RESEARCH.
i spent one year in south america, and of course treking the inca trail to machu pichu, AMAZING. Also did a new discovery in Guatemala, El Mirador, suppose to be 5X bigger than tikal.



what was your experience like with the Caminos del Inca :?:

Can you write a bit about it vis a vis the Caminos de Santiago :?:

Buen Camino :arrow:



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Thanks for the list, but who can forget the Easter pilgrimage to Chimayo in Northern New Mexico?! We are really proud of it here, and I will attempt to complete it in two days this semana santa. Buen camino to all, VP.


I wonder how the Road to St James' infrastructure of albergues et al may compare to other pilgrimage sites :!:

Buen Camino :arrow:


William Marques

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Don't forget the "pilgrimage" to El Rocio in the Cota Do-ana.

Every year, on the seventh Sunday after Easter, the Rocieros converge on El Rocio, an isolated village midway between Huelva and Seville on the edge of las marismas. This is not just a religious festival: the Rocieros also come here to party. Dressed in traditional costume, it is an opportunity to show off their horses and horsemanship, to call on friends, to dance flamenco, to eat and drink.


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Camino(s) past & future
2002 CF: 2004 from Paris: 2006 VF: 2007 CF: 2009 Aragones, Ingles, Finisterre: 2011 X 2 on CF: 2013 'Caracoles': 2014 CF and Ingles 'Caracoles":2015 Logrono-Burgos (Hospitalero San Anton): 2016 La Douay to Aosta/San Gimignano to Rome:
1 000 000 people to Potes, Spain last year

Around one million pilgrims were expected to journey along the
narrow and winding roads of Spain's mountainous Cantabria province to the Franciscan monastery of Santo Toribio de Liebana last year. The monastery is one of the most important sites of Roman Catholicism in Europe housing the Lignum Crucis, believed to be the biggest surviving piece of cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified.
The monastery stands alongside Jerusalem, Rome, Santiago de Compostela and Caravaca de la Cruz as one of only five places with the privilege to celebrate a 'Holy Year', granted by a Papal Bull from Julius II in 1512.
Toribio, the bishop of Astorga, brought the piece of the cross
measuring 63 centimetres in length and 39 centimetres in width from
Jerusalem in the 5th century. In the 8th century, the monks hid the relic in
the Liebana valley to protect it from the Moors. Today the cross is embedded in a shrine decorated with gold and silver. Oscar Solloa, a monk in the monastery, has been asked hundreds of times whether the fragment really comes from the cross on which Jesus was crucified.
'Analysis has confirmed that it comes from a cyprus tree in Palestine that
was over 2,000 years old, but that is not that important,' he says. 'Many
people have found their way back to the faith by coming here.'


I tried to spend the night at this monastery but...didn't pass the test...

Buen Camino :roll:


Dawn of a new Day

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the inca trail

Xm, you had asked about the inca trail.
Well it certainly is a fantastic journey, and machu pichu is indescribable.
It is quite different than camino frances. distance for one. Also the inca trail is a world heritage site. in order to walk one needs to go on a tour.
The price is any where from $175US to $275 (depends if you want tea in your tent or not) It is a 4 day 3 night hike in. Accomodation is in tents and there is a cook to cook our meals. A person cannot set out on there own, it is all controlled.
It is certainly beautiful and it is definately worth it, but not really comparabe to the pilgrimages


It is certainly beautiful and it is definately worth it, but not really comparabe to the pilgrimages

Thanks for the info, dawn.

Sounds more like a trekking adventure than a pilgrimage adventure :idea:

Buen Camino :arrow:

xm 8)


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