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Ourense 39c today


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Watched the weather forecast on CNN+ last night and Ourense is supposed to get to 39c today. Santiago will "only" get to 33c. :shock:

From what it looked like on the map, the rest of northern Spain seemed to be in the upper 20's. In northern Spain, only Galicia had numbers in the 30's.

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That sounds about right. Drove home from the University of Santiago last night at 21.00, the car showed 30c.

For people walking, it seems like the best times temperature wise to walk would be early morning until about noon. At noon it would get to about 30c and not drop below it until late at night. Minimum temperature has been around 15c, I guess around 05.00 or so.

The forecast tells of a 10 degree drop in temperature later today/tomorrow morning. :lol:

By the way, TVE news last night told about new all-time-high use of electricity in Spain yesterday at 17.00. Why? Everyone turns on the air conditioner at once.

That's the advantage living in an old stone house with 2 meter thick stone walls. :wink:

... at least I got a tan these days.

walkers should also not forget these are shade temps; a key feature of the meseta is there is no shade :(

ivar said:
That's the advantage living in an old stone house with 2 meter thick stone walls.

this is of course also the advantage of churches: if you want somewhere cool, find a church to sit in
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This about the shade is correct. La Voz de Galicia has on its front-page today (paper edition) a picture of a thermometer on a street in Ourense that shows 49c.

Obviously in the sun.

Good idea regarding the churches.

Just for the record, the temperature has fallen quite a bit. The last two days we have had highs of about 25c with some clouds. No rain yet.

Pretty good walking weather.


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