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Outbuildings in farm houses


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Hi. Just walked from Sarria to Portomarin. Does anyone know what the narrow outbuildings are with aerated bricks and crucifixes at either end, in the gardens. Muchas Gracias
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A few have been transitioned into sitting rooms or bedrooms - very cool reuse of the larger ones
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They are so interesting! I learned from the tour bus to F and M that it is illegal to remove them. They must be allowed to disintegrate, per the tour guide. As you've likely observed, people still build new ones on their property, often matching the exterior colors to the main house.
I was intrigued by these also and asked my hosts in Morgade about them. A young man there told me that people from as far away as New York and London now want them in their gardens and you can get good money for them.
I can't imagine how you would get a centuries old stone horreo to NYC, but I guess with enough $$ you can do anything.

Somewhere closer to Santiago I did see some miniature ones which looked more ornamental than useful.
It may have been near the photo attached... I'd reached peak Horreo photo by then so didn't take one of the miniatures

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Traditional Galician horreos are generally built on six legs. Being long and narrow, they are not really well suited to habitation.

In Asturias they are square in construction and built on four legs. These are much better suited for conversion and you will see many such examples on the Primitivo and Norte.

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This might have been shared earlier, I admit I only glance at daily topics in email lately. But according to an article I just read on CNN , Jose Andres is doing a six part Discovery plus series...

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