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Overnight in Pamplona

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May (2018)
Will arrive too late to get the bus from Pamplona to St Jean. Can I stay at an Alburque in Pamplona or do we have to stay in a regular hotel?



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You can stay at an alburgue; just check the times for a curfew. You will need your pilgrim Credencial (passport), but you can pick one up in Pamplona, or order one before you depart from home.


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Hmm. Pamplona is in Spain. You may be able to pick up a Pilgrim Passport ( Credencial) at the Albergue(s) in Pamplona. You will need a Credencial to stay in the Albergue but most, if not all, will be able to provide if you explain that this is your first adventure onto Camino.
Pilgrims are welcomed into Albergues if they can demonstrate that they are pilgrims: and everyone has to start somewhere and it doesn't have to be a small town in France.


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In 2016 I went to the Cathedral to buy my credencial and was sent over to the Cathedral library which was next door.


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