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Pack weight - including water

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One more question adding to the thousands more already asked.....I have my entire pack weight at about 12 lbs (about 5.44 kg)......with the 2L water bladder, it's 15.5 lbs (about 7kg). My weight is 120 lbs, so with the water, I'm a bit over the 10% recommendation. I'm a very experienced backcountry camper and I usually carry like 40 lbs but don't do as many miles per day. I've done two "shakedown" walks of 5-7 miles each, and it feels great. I'm thinking I'm in the ballpark with the weight, even though it's 13%. I'd love any opinions or suggestions.


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The 10% are really only a rough rule of thumb, nothing set in stone, also, you will not need the full 2l of water every day. There are normally lots of villages on the way where you can refill your water bottles/bladder, so that effectively you can walk, depending on the weather with only 0,5-1l water at the time. Buen Camino, SY


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I've never bacpacked before the Camino and I'm carrying about 6.5 kg/14.5 lb without water. I sometimes forget I even have a backpack on. People remark on how light my pack is. If it's comfortable you'll be fine.

C clearly

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It's good. You will carry it easily, if you have your pack properly adjusted.


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Don't take the weight thing too seriously. I walked in April/May, my backpack weighed about the same as yours. I was 70 years old, and not especially fit. I started out weighing about 135 pounds, 15 pounds more than my weight when I was a younger, more fit person. That extra 15 pounds was something to lug around, not a source of strength to carry a heavier pack. You will be fine!


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I agree with the others - if it feels good, then you are fine. You are an experienced backpacker, you've tested you pack, I think it will be fine. And you probably won't have to fill your 2L bladder all the way most days.


Guzzle the two liters of water before you walk and your pack becomes 2 kg lighter.

If you do this (or just drink lots before you leave) you won't die if you don't carry water at all.

Most sections you won't need water, never mind two liters, between watering holes.


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You should be fine. My wife (66, 116 lbs) is carrying 10 kilos, counting 2 liters of water and doing fine. We've done a lot of walking (this is our second Camino Frances; we started July 26 in Le Puy and are near Burgos this evening) and don't think a few pounds makes that much difference, within reason. Correctly fitting boots, drinking a lot of water, and eating well matter a lot more.

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