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Pallozas, round houses in Galicia


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Published 14/09/2022 this BBC article by Itxaso Zuñiga Ruiz describes/illustrates Pallozas, the distinctive vernacular round houses found in northwest Spain. You may have spotted some while walking.

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Wonderful. Thank you, @mspath.
(I just found this thanks to @Kanga 's suggestion about using tags as a way to access posts in specific areas of interest. Glad I tried it out!)

each palloza has two clearly distinguished areas inside: the ástrago, where people live; and the estravariza, the animal stable.
Using natural warmth from each other is an age-old solution to heating that we tend to look down on. But it works. Just think of how hot a crowded and closed albergue room can get. (Unfortunately it tends to come with odor. 🙃)
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