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Parador in Muxía to open Easter 2020


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That was a long time coming. I wonder how it will change the type of tourism in Muxia, which is currently pretty low key and group-free. This big place could be a tour bus magnet.

I think you're right, Laurie. It could be a big shift in Muxia's culture, which personally I would find a bit sad as I love going there and having some quiet, from the lighthouse to the church to the hill overlooking the city.


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Is this the first Parador that is a brand new building? I thought that Paradors were historic buildings converted to hotels.
No, no.The first parador in Spain was built as a hotel in 1928 by king Alfonso 13th in sierra de Gredos because he loved that area for hunting.
Also, the paradores de Fuente De and Cervera de Pisuerga were built as hotels and there must be some more.
The one who had the idea of using historic buildings as paradores was Manuel Fraga (once again) in the 1960s.


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Is this the first Parador that is a brand new building?

Not really, some of them are new buildings. The one near Girona you hardly think it is a Parador, when you are acquainted with the hystorical ones.


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In fact, the architecture looks quite like other modern paradores — Val de Aran for instance. And also a little bit like the now empty parador at the puerto de Pajares on the Salvador.

The article also notes that the hotel will have conference capabilities, and that it is hoped that the opening will stimulate the construction of a “super highway” to Santiago. Not sure what I think about that, but I’m very sure that no one cares what I think about that. :cool:

The nice thing about these buildings is that when you are in them looking out at the spectacular views, you can’t see the ugly building you are looking at the view from.


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How many pilgrims could you squeeze into a 15,000 sq. m. parador?


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it's one more reminder that I can't go back, that today's life is the only one I get, and, for me, for whom Muxia was a perfect camino coda, only gratitude that Muxia will always be a sleepy, out of time fishing town at the edge of a great sea. Other towns; other times...


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oh, so this came out from that ugly construction site just above the beautiful lonely beach just before muxía. guess the beach won't be so loney anymore and possibly a lot less beautiful (certainly the view to it from the road where the camino goes). I'm glad I've seen it unspoilt.

J Willhaus

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:( I am sure the community will welcome the economic advantages, but from a selfish point of view, I liked it as a sleepy little village without the tour buses.

Tom DeWolf

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I remember walking by this building when arriving in Muxia from Finesterre at the conclusion of our Camino Frances pilgrimage this past October. It stood out quite stark compared to everything before and after along the way. I hope it doesn't negatively impact Muxia. I suppose time will tell...


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This big place could be a tour bus magnet.

There are many festivals Laurie already celebrated in Muxia that i think will increase many fold ,
Horses , cyclists , marathon swimming and the lost at sea boat festival are already very well supported.
I think the cyclists to Lires / Finisterre and return will be big as well as the pilgrims going one way .

I hope it doesn't negatively impact Muxia. I suppose time will tell...
Will only improve Muxia Tom,
The opportunity for the young to get a job locally can only assist.
They cannot build any extra on the sea front , all will be well.

Muxia will always be a sleepy, out of time fishing town at the edge of a great sea. Other towns; other times...

In 2007 exhausted and the only albergue full we spent the most amount per night since StJPP in a Hotel called Bar Lorena...........60 euro ..........12 yrs ago.
Bella Muxia would come at a later date as well as Dumbria which broke the walk from Hospital.
It was owned by a lovely Bavarian artist , Lorena Lappe , who introduced fine wines from Germany to Muxia in her wine room / restaurant . She had a beautiful property but unfortunately died a few years ago.
Now run by Ana Facel who is very good in the hospitality trade.

This property and the owner made us walk from Santiago many many times.
We received beautiful hand painted Christmas cards for nearly a decade then they stopped and the phone was unanswered.
We rang Bella Muxia from Santiago and asked about Lorena as we were there when this great albergue opened , signing the book for Oz even though we were not staying there.
They told us the sad story , told us to continue and told us there would be a private room awaiting in Bella.

No over development will spoil Muxia .
The man from Zara will make sure of that;)
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