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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago

Part one of my trip !!ON YOUTUBE!!

thanx you!
yup part 2 working on it
i would of did it in 1 but you can only upload 100mbs per video
and part 1 was 109 and had to change it from mpeg2 to 1and it now 70mbs

next will be st-jean and part of my day till i put the cam away cuz of snow and all :S


Just watched your film, wonderful - Santos - you are utterly unique - Bless You.

I particularly liked you filming Lourdes station from inside the train where you were supposed to get off.

Santos - you must go back and have another try, you must.

Post up when part 2 is ready.
santos, glad to see you back on the forum!! If anyone gives you hell for taking so long to go the Valcarlos Route, I´ve got your back!!! I´ll watch your video when I get home.

From Irache,


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Nice to hear from you Santos. :lol:

Nice videos; awaiting for part 3. Glad to see you took the advice and took the road of Valcarlos as there was a BIG RED X on the map where the lady was explaining. Also glad you did some traveling by train,( :wink: ) next time try to land in Biarritz/Bayonne airport instead of Toulouse. Even Bordeaux would have been easier.

You will go back one day and everything will be so much simpler.


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Thanks santos

Thanks santos... great to see your footage! Definitely a need for enough gear against cold weather at this time of year: it had a very cold look to it once you started into the Pyrenees.

This time a year ago I spent six days in Lourdes, so I did leave the train station. I thought I might just stay an afternoon, but I ended up staying six days. A place for you to go back to.


Ahhhh - surely 'I was lost in France' would have been better music?

Many thanks, Sanos - made my day again.


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Got lost in Paris ? :cry:

Mac Dos don't open early ? :cry:

Cannot recognise la Madeleine or l'église St Augustin ? :cry:

Santos, are you real ? Are you really from Montréal, Canada ? :lol:


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Br. David you are showing your age with recommending "I was lost in France"-although it is a bonnie song.
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these were good videos, and I can't wait to see the later editions of parts of the Camino that I recognise. Is there any footage of your actual face? I just can't imagine Gollum lurching along the Camino and waiting for his sello at the refugio. What do you really look like?


Good point - must be quite old now (and me!). I was 52 at the millenium and remembered that on New Years Eve when I was 21 I had worked out that when the millenium came I would probably still be alive but much too old to enjoy myself!
i pick that music cuz b4 i left canada i was goin to heaven but it turn to hell!and i love south park so why not put the best song from the movie!!(Br. David)
yeah i got lost trying to find stuff on the map and trying to get back to my hotel b4 tthey closed the door for the night (1am)
early for me is 5:30am paris mcdo opens at 8:30am(well where i was)
i tryed looking out the chruch on my city map im not sure but i think it sacre-coeur!
yeah im realy from montreal (west island!) Quebec canada :p
my pilgrim was only one day!! vidoe euro trip part 1 :S
my face i was think of put those vidoe up but i look stupid and dont want the world to see my face!! but if you want to see the b4 edithing whit some extra stuff and face of some pilgrim you can e-mail me and ill send it t you!! my day that i walk from st-jean i walked wit i lady from SWEDEN that comme on here!! i got her on video! and few other ppl!
next video is holland i rented a bike thinking i would travel abit and BUT i got sick :S and didnt go far outside amsterdam :S

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