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Peaceable Projects: Newest Camino non-profit



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Outstanding. It was worth the wait... Best wishes for a successful 2018!



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2018? CF, again :-)
Nice website! A good start to 2018, congratulations.


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This is great! I like the Mission Statement. God Bless all those involved with this project. Que la luz de Dios alumbre su camino.


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(2016) May Pamplona-Moratinos; Sept.:Burgos-SdC
(2016): August/Sept: Camino San Olav (Burgos-Covarubbias), Burgos-Sarria
(2017): May: Portuguese; Sept: Pamplona-SdC
Congratulations! A short remark from a former web-designer: Could you lift the text on each page up so that it's not needed to scroll down to read it? (known as "above-the-fold"). Also, I could not find where to subscribe.

All the best wishes for your enterprise!
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I´ve got Camino plans until 2042,
- or till I fall flat on my face, whichever comes first !!
- have been trying all Xmas to validate my new bank card with Py Pal, so far no luck !!


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Camino Frances (SJPdP-Burgos, 2015)
Camino Frances (Burgos-Sarria, 2018)
Sarria-Santiago (fall 2018)
Subscribed. The website looks great, is informative, and easy to navigate. I'm glad to see the San Anton book has done so well. I loved it.


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Ingles (July 2018)
A really beautiful website, Reb.
Congratulations for finishing this phase...and thank you for starting our year off with good news. It really lifts the heart to see how you're expanding what you're doing, and how you 'walk the talk.'

Come to our lovely new website at www.peaceableprojects.org and see we´re all about.
And donate!


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This is so great! I have been absent from the forum for a while now. I just got out of the habit as I was dealing with health issues and work. I am rehabbing from a total ankle replacement now and have been feeling completely trapped by my inability to walk. This past weekend I decided to deal with my frustration by doing a little Camino dreaming! I shouldn't have waited so long. Look at the fabulous things you find!

Tom and I are retiring in June 2019. We are planning to walk from Le Puy to SJPP starting mid May or so, take a summer break (neither of us deals well with walking in the heat) and then returning to walk SJPP to Santiago via the Invierno starting in mid or late September or so. Somewhere in there we will try to volunteer again at Gaucelmo. Working on a Peaceable project seems like another great addition to our Camino retirement celebration! I know its a while in the future, but dreaming keeps me going!



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