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Photos, Astorga-Ponferrada

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Time of past OR future Camino
September 2006
August - September 2017

Thank you so much for sharing.

When we were in Ponferrada, September 06, they were renovating the castle. It looks great.

The pictures were wonderful. I especially liked the one of your shadow.

Thanks again.



Veteran Member
Time of past OR future Camino
Le Puy-Santiago(2008) Cluny-Conques+prt CF(2012)
They are wonderful photos again Javier: thanks for sharing them.
I wanted to add you as a favourite in Picasa, but I struggled with the Spanish. Eventually I hit a button and it changed me into English and all became clear! (But I have no idea why that happened!)


Active Member
Just looked at them again so I could see your shadow then kept going and read the words in the book... Orujo seems to have been flowing. Yumm
I gave some to my son a couple of weeks ago as part of his cold "medicine". He woke up the next morning and felt great!
(I have been holding onto this bottle for special moments...)
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Time of past OR future Camino
Camino Francés (2007), Camino Francés (2008), Camino Portugués (2010), Camino Aragonés - from Lourdes (2012)
Hola, Javier,
Las fotos son maravillosas! It is so different to see the familiar Camino in a different season. It looks wonderful. On Thursday (Feb. 21) I was in Peñiscola and visited the Templar Castle there. It is interesting to see the similarities between that and the Templar castle in Ponferrada. They are equally magnificent edifices.

I have some photos I wanted to add here - Camino sign in Montserrat, for instance, but they are too large. I haven't figured out (yet) how to make them smaller. A new challenge!

Thanks for sharing the pictures - they are wonderful - and thanks for all the information.

Buen Camino,


New Member
Wonderful photographs Javier.What a great sky in February. I will be in Santiago next Tuesday and Wednesday for a quick visit from our home in South Eastern Spain, courtesy of Ryan Air cheap flights. cant wait to start walking the Camino in May, been planning since last October. Your photographs have inspired me even more!!

Regards Ron


Active Member
Thanks Javier for these nice photos.

Can you tell me if the old church in Foncebadon is still standing (the one where the refuge is). When I was there in October 2006 it seemed that the main wall was about to crash.


Javier Martin

Veteran Member
I'm very sorry, Ulysse, to be so late to answer you and because ... I didn't realise the old church ...

I arrived rather tired, thinking of a good shower and after that, in a good conversation with the hospitalero (a nice guy) the german boy who arrived a few minutes before, and with Enrique from the Taberna de Gaia. And after that ... the darkness with the heaven covered by thousands of stars ... Spectacular !!

If it's necessary, a can return next weekend to see the church!! I don't need anything else to come back!!

Buen Camino,

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.


Active Member
Thanks Javier.

I would not make a special trip to answer my question. Maybe someone that goes by will provide an answer.
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