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Photos from O Pino.

Javier Martin

Veteran Member

Just one week ago I was walking and arriving to Santiago, and I could take some photos from O Pino, the area destroyed to build and industrial polygon two years ago. The AGACS was fighting against, and could stop it. Now, it's necessary to ask to return this one million of squared metres to the original situation, with green forest and trees.

I hope you can see the photos here: ... 808936ab28

Buen Camino,

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.
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Javier - those photos are amazing! You guys did a really good job stopping that development.
Will they plant new Eucalyptus or will they plant indigenous trees?
I remember walking through that forest well.... then we had rain and fog as we walked through that 'wasteland'. It seemed very desolate, and took such a long time.
Thanks for sharing your photos have really shown how it is.
I'm afraid the question is: Will they plant something?

FADESA bought the land at the very low prize of 6€ the squared meter. Because the decision of the major of O Pino. Now, when it's not possible to build the polygon, FADESA sells it at 93€ meter. So, crisis and deflation actually here in Spain but prizes for land increases the 1550%.

Owners use to plant eucaliptus because it grows very fast and gives them a great economic benefit in a short time, in Asturias and Galicia. But, if the Xunta has to decide about, I suppose the decision will be indigenous trees.

This is just one of ... many, many problemas around the Camino, our caminos. O Pino (CF), Zafra (VDLP), Yesa (Camino Aragones) Villaescusa de los Palositos (Ruta de la Lana), Logroño (CF), Motorway Lugo-Santiago (CF) and, recently (for just tomorrow), Triacastela, and ... many, many other problems.

Sil, I'm expecting to meet you in less than three months!!! Please tell me when you will take your plane to Europe.

Abrazos, Buen Camino

You guys have have a HUGE job, protecting los cominos for us peregrinos.
I'm looking forward to seeing you again too Javier. We arrive in Lourdes on 5th June and start walking to Somport on 6th June.
I feel so blessed to be able to walk parts of four caminos this year! About 140km of the Arles route: 170km on the Aragones: 117km on the Camino Ingles and then ±90km on the Fistera route.
We arrive in Santiago on 26th June and I'll start walking to Fistera in the afternoon of the 27th June. I think I'll stay at Corcubion on the 30th - walk to Finisterre - and then back to Corcubion in the afternoon.
¡Qué les vaya bien!
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I'm planning to go to Fisterra about the 6th or 7th July, I don't know when exactly. It depends on too many things.

¿Buen Camino? ¡¡Buenos Caminos, Sil!!


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