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Maggie Ramsay
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I was talking to my physiotherapist about my plans to do the camino and she commented that she would love to do it and maybe she could be useful along the way by treating aching pilgrims. I wonder whether it would be permitted by the authorities, does anyone know? We also discussed whether she might be able to cover some of her costs if people gave a donation for her efforts. She was concerned that this might go against the spirit of the camino, and I said I would post this message and see what you all think.
Thanks (and I'm loving reading peoples' messages who are on the road now)
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Physio on the Camino

How I would have loved to have a physio attend to my aching ankles, groaning glutes and sore shoulders on the camino! I would definitely have given her a donation.
I don't see any problems with your friend offering to help - as long as she doesn't have a sign with hourly rates around her neck! (She would then probably have to have a license to practise in Spain.)
My friend Sandra is a Reiki master and also does wonderful massages. She helpd a lot of pilgrims along the way but didn't accept anything in return. One day whilst she was doing a fellow pilgrim's feet - that were on her lap - a little bird flew down and sat on her thigh. Everyone held their breath but it didn't want to fly away so she continued with the Reiki. Only when she finished, someone went to pick it up but it flew into a tree. I have uploaded a picture into the Camino France Photos in this Forum.
Hi Sil
I went in and looked at your photo - lovely! Magical is right! And thank you for your repsonse, you are a mine of information and such a generous heart to share it with everyone all the time.

You are welcome.
And please tell your friend that she will love being able to help on the camino. In 2002 we learned how to massage feet and calf muscles, and also how to do neck and shoulders on a person whilst they are sitting up. There were three of us walking together and we thought we would be able to help each other on the way. We carried oils with us and ended up doing many massages - some on pilgrims really in need.
It is great to share on the camino - remember that everyone doing it for the first time is nervous, perhaps lonely, afraid that they will have to walk alone and one never knows what has motivated them to walk the camino. Even though thousands do it every year, it quite something to leave your home, your family and everything familiar to you, become a homeless person and just walk hundreds of kilometres across a strange country.
I salute all camino pilgrims especially the women who walk it on their own.
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