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Pilgrim Chat - Monday's @ 11 & 19 CET


Staff member
Hi all,

After I added the Chat, I have found one thing to be problematic:

-- Every time I am there, I see messages from others that also where there, but we are never there at the same time....

... so, since Monday is the day of the week with the most visits I suggest to start with official chat meet every Monday at 19.00 CET (that would be 18.00 UK, and 13.00 New York time). I am not sure how this would work for our members down-under.... if this is not convenient, please let me know and we can "re-schedule".

I am also a bit curious to see how the chat software handles several people interacting at the same time... let's try it out.

So let's meet up here, every Monday at 19.00 CET.


Un saludo,
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Re: Pilgrim Chat - Monday's @ 19.00 CET

do you mean CET? or "Spanish time"? (well, perhaps not Spanish time, as that's always mañana)
Spain is currently on E European Time, summer time, but will revert to CET at the end of the month.


Staff member
Re: Pilgrim Chat - Monday's @ 19.00 CET

Well, I was thinking of Spanish time... ... and yes, I guess this will be confusing since by the end of the month we will turn our clocks... but for now, Spanish and Santiago time.

... so, when the bells of the cathedral in Santiago hits 7 pm on Monday, let's try to get together in the chat room those of us that can make it. Let's see if the software holds up :)

Un saludo,


Active Member
Re: Pilgrim Chat - Monday's @ 19.00 CET

Thanks Ivar. I think this is a great idea . I've visited the Chat Room many times but never found anyone to chat with. That's 1400 my time and I will try to be there. :lol:



Re: Pilgrim Chat - Monday's @ 19.00 CET

Hi Ivar:

Thanks for all your research and efforts and :)

Just for information purposes that converts to Australian time as follows: -

Madrid (Spain) Monday, 8 October 2007 at 7:00:00 PM UTC+2 hours CEST
Sydney (Australia - New South Wales) Tuesday, 9 October 2007 at 3:00:00 AM UTC+10 hours EST

courtesy of

As it will be 3.00 a.m. Sydney time (Tuesday) estaré durmiendo !!

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Re: Pilgrim Chat - Monday's @ 19.00 CET

Oh well, we "Down Unders" will just have to stick together lilly! I know when I was in Europe last year, firing off e-mails or blog entries, I found it somewhat disconcerting to know that all the recipients Down Under were tucked up soundly in their beds. They would not be reading my earnest missives for some hours at the very least!


Staff member
Re: Pilgrim Chat - Monday's @ 19.00 CET

I did not do the calculations... :? but 3am is a bit late/early for chatting, I agree. :)

So why not set up an alternative time, like Mondays at 11.00 Spanish time... that would be 19.00 in Australia if I calculate correctly.

That gives us two times to chat on Mondays:
-- 11.00 in Spain, 19.00 down under
-- 19.00 in Spain, (down under will be down and out).

... if this gets to be popular and we see that there are too many participating and it becomes chaotic, then we need to change this... someone suggested to me why not do it 19.00 in every time zone? ... and that might not be a bad idea....

But for now let's try these two times.

Un saludo

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