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Pilgrim safety on roads in Galicia

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I wasn't sure where to put this...

Basically, they're handing pilgrims backpack covers so they're more visible on roads, to hopefully reduce the number of accidents.
Already happened to our little group on the Sanabres last Summer, the police was giving out high visibility jackets to be worn on the backpack.

They've also put new speed limits as well as lighted signals where the roads cross the camino.
There will also be 5 new underground passages in/around O Pino.
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My wife and I walked the Camino de Chimayó here in the US last Fall. Because a majority of this journey entails walking on or immediately beside roadways, my wife made us a couple of safety panels consisting of safety orange fabric which we clipped onto our backpacks with short, lightweight bungee cords. We used a sheet of US legal sized paper (8.5" x 11" or approx 20 x 36 cm) as a template. We sewed two strips of reflective silver tape on the panels for low-light visibility, and punched small brass grommets into the corners to secure the bungee cords. These panels weigh less than an ounce, and fold into tiny squares for storage in a side pocket of the backpack when not in use.
Backpack Safety Panel 2.jpg Backpack Safety Panel 1.jpg


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Thanks for the info

Rebekah Scott

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This Gallego pilgrim safety program was driven into being by Fraternidad Internacional del Camino de Santiago (FICS), the activist group founded a year ago in Villafranca de Bierzo.
The dangerous spots along the Way have been documented for years, but nothing was done about it until people started showing up for meetings, writing letters, enumerating the "black spots" along the Way for media reports, and holding the safety officials accountable for doing their jobs.
You should see slow-down flashing lights going up at three more intersections within the next year.

When people start making noise, things get better.
Not that the politicians are mentioning that... this was all THEIR idea!
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Thanks to our Original Poster and to dear Rebekah. There was a post a couple of years back (may 2013 or 2014) about two pilgrims being involved in a fatal accident and there was a recommendation then suggesting/recommending pilgrims to wear "high-viz" vests (at least on the back of their backpacks). I was always conscious of cars/trucks on the major roads in Spain, especially the section from Villafranca del Bierzo to Herrerias. I gave up counting the number of pilgrims walking "all over the road" on this section. Maybe Ivar (or David) can add "high-viz" tape to the list of pilgrim resources. Safe "buen Camino"!;)

Anemone del Camino

I think Ivar could sell them, as long as we were clear on the size of backpack they work with. Why have to wait to Galicia to get one?


ninguém disse que era fácil !
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Since we walk our caminos and long distance paths allways carry lightweight fluorescent safetyvests with us(as anyway in some European countries, you are obliged to keep them in your car) . Sometimes we wear them at the frontside when the traffic is coming towards us -happens in Portugal for some stages) aswell hanging at the backpacks. The vests are cheap and light and easy to store at the side of your pack or in your pocket.
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Throughout most of Europe reflective vests are generally sold in large gas stations. Inexpensive and lightweight they are always available in stops which cater to long distance truckers such as the routiers in France....Wear them wherever you may be walking not only in Galicia.

For more on reflective vests see this earlier Forum thread https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/reflective-vests.38005/

Tia Valeria

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Reflective pack covers are good, but if walking on the correct side of the road IMO you still need something at the front too. That is why we adapted and wear our reflective jackets on some sections plus the hanging bikers strips.
Walk safely :)


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Hi-viz lightweight running gear, such as hats/caps, gloves, vests, waist packs etc. is also very useful on the Camino. I've just bought this bottle belt http://www.sportsdirect.com/karrimor-reflective-bottle-belt-765253?colcode=76525390 - it's a slightly higher-vis version of the one I used last year. Much cheaper and more reflective than the hiking versions. I agree with @Tia Valeria - we need to be visible to the oncoming traffic. I'm always amazed by the number of pilgrims who don't seem to know or observe the basic rules of road safety.
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I just found a pair of hi-viz armbands that my wife bought for running some years ago. I'll fix them to my backpack, front and rear. (As well as the reflective tape on my poles, the red safety light for my backpack and headlamp for in front, and hi-viz pack cover. Safety first.)

Anemone del Camino

And yesterday I secured a sun hat by Outdoor Research, the Solar Roller sun hat in Laurel colour. They also have the Sun Runner Cap in Lemongrass coulour that would do the job. This last one is a baseball cap with detachable flaps to cover the neck.
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Cue stories about ghostly pilgrims marching endlessly across the Meseta ...

Actually, it looks promising. Hopefully there's more information about it: is it waterproof, for instance, and how often does it need to be reapplied?

Anemone del Camino

Has anyone tried Lifepaint?
Wow! This product should be mandatory for all people cycling at night. Website says it washes off in a week and works best on textiles.
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