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Pilgrim Support Services - some questions


New Member
Hi All
I was hoping for the Forum’s help. I’ve been talking with Ivar about developing pilgrim support services. At present the Camino Travel Centre offer a range of services, including hostel booking, but we were wondering what the demand is likely to be for additional support services? Perhaps, together with hostel booking, there is a need for daily luggage transfers? (I believe luggage transfer services are offered locally already). In addition, could the proximity of a vehicle (for luggage transfer) provide extra services: an emergency channel to contact pilgrims ‘on the road’; provide water or other supplies midway through the day; a way of being moved off the Camino should injury force abandon; language support services (an English-Spanish speaker on hand to help) or, for cyclists, the transport of spares and / or tools?

These are just ‘off the top of the head’ ideas for now, but we’re really interested in the views of the Forum. Would there be demand for both luggage transfer and additional services (or similar) and how much do you think pilgrims would be willing to pay? Your ideas and thoughts would be much appreciated. With thanks.
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I think it's too much. It's not a race, people don't need to be moved off the trail or brought water in the middle of the day. I saw plenty of opportunities for luggage transfer and if people wanted to book hostels, they could. Language isn't an issue- a smile, gestures and some patience gets folks by.
It's supposed to be a challenge, but for those who want the help, it exists.


New Member
JohnnieWalker said:
Errrrr....are you share holder in Ivar's commercial business?

Hi Johnnie
This isn't a sly form of advertising, if that is what you're suggesting! And my apologies if it appears that way. There are plenty of overt ads for CaminoTravelCenter on the forum- no need for a covert one :wink:
This is a genuine attempt at 'market research' (for want of a better term) and opinions are genuinely sought.

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This book's focus is on reducing the risk of failure through being well prepared.

Deleted member 3000

Can anyone use Private Messages (PM) for these exchanges that are of no interest to anyone except the involved parties?


Staff member
Hi all,

Just to clarify. Richard and I talked a few days ago about collaborating on this idea... he would offer some sort of service and it will be incorporated in the products we offer at the Travel Center.

I think he is just trying to get an idea of how many would be interested in such a service.

If you have comments/ideas/suggestions for Richard, please send him a PM.

Greetings from a "its-not-raining-anymore" Santiago,


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I am going to post this on forum because it might be of interest to members - not only to Richard

There is an established pilgrim support service company that operates between St Jean and Viana.

(Perhaps Richard could fill in from there on, bearing in mind that other people offer the luggage transport service.)

* Jacotrans service is provided through hostels and rooming houses in all the towns along the Pilgrim’s Way to Compostela from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Viana.

They offer these services:

* Transport your luggage along the route.
* Postal service
* Provide you with everything you may need: clothing, shoes, walking sticks, water bottles, raincoats, bike replacement-pieces, medicaments…
* Left luggage
* They have special bags to store your goods.
* They rent backpacks
* They give information about how to get the "Credencial Jacobea Universitaria".

Prices for these services are on their website

Transporting of baggage is also offered by these companies:

Valcarlos to Ventosa: Jacotrans -
Viana to Atapuerca : Transportes a Santiago - 648 771 003
Burgos to Leon: Luis Angel Acero - 650 451 540
Leon to O Cebreiro: Transportes Jose Luis - 606 049 585
Palas de Rey to Santiago: Xaco Trans - 606 581 206

There is a gap between Ventosa and Burgos and also between O Cebreiro and Palas de Rey.

Hope this helps with your research - and hope it helps pilgrims who might want to transport their baggage along the route.


Nunca se camina solo
Thanks for clarifying Ivar, we spoke about this.

Good luck researching the business Richy.

I have been really supportive of the Camino Travel Centre since Ivar first thought of the idea. I think any service which helps pilgrims is to be encouraged. However I think it is important to distinguish between what is being provided on a ‘not for profit basis’ or 'donativo' through organisations such as the CSJ and what is being done on a clearly commercial and ‘for profit basis’. That way pilgrims know what they are dealing with and can test the market accordingly. I think this especially important when a lot of people understandably but mistakenly think that the Forum is run by the CSJ. The reality is that we wouldn’t have the Forum without Ivar’s efforts so good luck to him and his business interests!


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