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Pilgrimage to Heresy Update


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If anyone is interested, here is the link to a recent radio interview concerning my camino and my recent book. It´s posted on my website. There will also be a TV interview which featured a lot of really great footage of the Camino and I will be adding it on my website sometime this week, possibly You Tube too if I can figure out how! Pilgrimage to Heresy is also under review with no less than 5 Spanish publishers so with luck, a translation within the year. ("Ojala"!)
Tracy Saunders
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Congratulations on your success Tracy! All your hard work is paying off. I hope Priscilano is dancing in the aisles of his heavenly church at the news!
A number of people have asked me to post the links to a recent television programme about Priscillian and Priscillianism. I was asked to be a guest speaker on this three part series.
Here are the links for anyone interested: ... 17_703.wmv ... 24_710.wmv ... 31_717.wmv

Priscillian, as you may know, was an advocate of the vegetarian lifestyle, which is why I was asked to be a part of this interview. I am not a member of the Supreme Master Ching Hai´s group of followers, but I am intrigued nevertheless by the simplicity espoused in their beliefs.

In addition, for Spanish members in particular, Pilgrimage to Heresy has been optioned by the Spanish publisher Algaida, a division of the prestigious Anaya group for a large initial print run in anticipation of the Holy Year of 2010. When all is finalised, I´ll let you all have more details.
In the meantime, thank you all for your gracious and enthusiastic response to this rather different approach to the Compostela Pilgrimage.
Tracy Saunders
Priscillian said:
this rather different approach to the Compostela Pilgrimage
Congratulations, Tracy, with the promising news about your success in different fields!
Your beautiful style of writing (and giving interviews) surely deserves a broader public!
It´s official! Pilgrimage to Heresy is to be published by Editoriales Algaida a division of the very prestigeous ANAYA group here in Spain. They are going to work on the translation and I have had loads of input from the Spanish Peregrinos who in general say (in Spanish!): "Yeah. Priscillian. In Compostela. We know that." Odd that the rest of us should find it such a surprise. But the "book" is not closed: there are always other possibilities and I am looking into them. That's what makes this topic so intriguing! In the meantime am working on book two and Diego Pelaez the bishop who came before Diego Gelmirez the one we usually credit with the building of the cathedral. Lots of intrigue there I can tell you!
Thank you all for your PMs and info and encouragement.
Tracy Saunders
P.S. When I was in Santiago in April, I spied, from the "back" of the cathedral (the sort of "pointy bit" and through the railings, more or less opposite the door which is only opened in Holy Years - wish I could draw a map!) a marble sarcophagus, pink in colour, illuminated by a small light and just visible through the railings. I asked and asked but no-one could tell me what it was and it isn´t shown on any of the drawings of the cathedral, except as a sacristy or dressing room(it´s too open: I can't see this myself), but nobody knew/wanted to talk of this casket, as it was obvious that this was what it was.
If anyone in Compostela can get any more information as to what this is, I would be very grateful indeed. It may have no real significance but to me it adds to the mystery of St. James.
Buen Camino to all,
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Well done! It must be Soooo... exciting and gratifying for you for all your hard work to pay off.
Why not email the pilgrim's office about the casket you saw?

Several people have written to me and asked if they can pick up a copy of Pilgrimage to Heresy in English in Santiago. Libreria Encontros has sold all the copies I dropped off in July, but, I have just ordered several copies from Amazon to be delivered by the end of this week. Encontros is a delightful old- style bookshop just up from the Tourist Office. They have lots of Camino related material and a very knowledgable staff. It is family run - on Rua do Vilar, the same street as the Pilgrim's Office. You can also order from Amazon yourself or direct from iUniverse.
The Spanish version of course is all over the place in Spain.
I hope no-one considers this announcement against the guidelines because I actually lose just over 15 euros in this transaction. In response to earlier requests from pilgrims, I had promised Encontros I would take more this month but (alas) it doesn't look like that is going to happen. (Orders direct from the publisher in the US take ages and cost more).
Many people think that writers only write to become rich. Not so! The chance of being a Dan Brown is about the same as being struck by lightning. (This of course increases greatly when you are walking the Camino across La Meseta in September!) I actually make slightly less than a euro a copy normally. This time the postage swallows that and then a bit more. But what is important to me, what has always been important to me, is to introduce the idea that the Camino's history may not be what you will read on the "Official" Santiago websites. Funnily, in Galicia, this idea has been received with great appreciation. Priscillian is still a major star in Galicia, except in church circles, of course.

Just a note about my competition. I had two winners who both identified the photo as.........
Ah, you have to check out Miscellaneous in Santiago to find out more...

Tracy Saunders
O.K. I admit it. This an undeniably commercial message and I am relying on my long membership on this Forum and Ivar's soft heart to post it. But I am also considering it a Public Service Message because...
Pilgrimage to Heresy in its English language version is finally on Kindle and to celebrate my upcoming 60th birthday I have priced it at 99cents/74p for just one month only. As you can imagine I am not going to get rich on this! But I wrote the book to be read and that is what I hope you will do.
Those of you who have already read the book and liked it, perhaps you would be so kind as to pass along this message to anyone you know with a Kindle who might also enjoy reading about Priscillian, and Miranda, and Kieran...etc.
As for being 60? I can't wait!
Life is Good.
Tracy Saunders

P.S. Peregrinos de la Herejia, the Spanish version, is not yet Kindlified but is available in its second edition as a "bolsillo" (pocket book) on Amazon.
P.P.S. The next book in the series is nearing completion and will be available in July.
Yes, go for it. Good luck. Writing is not , as you say, an easy path to riches. In fact writers who are "successful" have counted the hours spent and then calculated the rate per hour. A salutary calculation.

I was reading (or was it a radio broadcast?)recently of the religion and early tombs in SDC (about 6th or 7th century) and how this was suppressed or diminished by the newer, more energetic sect of Christianity - the Church of Rome. They were eliminating the Celtic church at this time in Scotland and Ireland; Bede comments on this with approval. They didnt like the 'gyrovagi', those Irish monks who wandered the continent; hard to control of course, so that was a no-no. You've got to hand it to the Church of Rome, their long historical strategy was very well done:and brilliant on pilgrimage for all sorts of reasons. Heresy, like todays word "terrorism", has many meanings, depending on your point of view.

The niftiest bit of linguistic footwork I read, just for the humour of it, was the monks of Conques explaining how they came to be in possession of the relics of St Foy, which they'd nicked from another place. They said that if god wanted them not to take them, he would have stopped them, so that was OK; And the word they used for "stealing" was "translation" which is simply amazing.
I had a look at that Vegetarian film you gave a link for; and you do say you're not totally on board with this "master". It's pretty naive stuff, and I gave up at the "circle of vegetarians" bit. That was even more amusing than the content of the previous footage, where Dan Brown was mentioned as somehow important. As has been rightly said of CNN, "it's a mile wide and an inch deep".

My best wishes and anticipation for your continued success with your writing. I really like your dissenting voice, based on history; there's a huge untold story about the history of Western religion from, say, around the time of the Council of Nicea to maybe the year 1000. And even earlier, as your Gnostic interest shows. So much evidence and documents have been burned and suppressed, (as were the Celtic churches, and the Cathars and Templars) it's a surprise anything has survived at all. Someone of your ability is needed to popularise it, and I wish you success.

I look forward to reading your books.
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Technical glitch. In the "wouldn't you just know it" department... Amazon have published P2H without paragraph breaks, even though they were there in the preview. So, we are "unpublishing" and then it'll be up again in a few days (God willing!).
In the meantime, to anyone who has purchased and is disappointed, please send me a PM and I will be happy to send you a PDF.
I don't have a problem with my Kindle, but it is laid out different on the Kindle for PC. Both have paragraphs, but they are clearer defined on the Kindle.
Kind of you to offer the PDF version Tracy, but if it is an Amazon glitch would they allow folk to re-download?

Edit: Looking at the other thread I think this rely might be obsolete :oops:
Pilgrimage to Heresy is now available on Kindle with all the glitches just blown away! It looks just as nice on Kindle for PC which you can download for free. Lots of free books there too, but mine is almost free...!
I have extended the .79p/99cent price until March 15th after which it will be priced somewhat higher, so do please download and help me to get Priscillian, Miranda and Kieran into Kindle's top 100. At this price I am making almost nothing and nothing will ever make up for all the time, effort and money I have put into telling this most timely tale.
You won't regret it and you certainly will learn a whole lot about the Camino that you won't find in your official walker's guide!
How about having it on for us Nook owners? Not a huge fan of the Kindle...
Hi Renegade:
I don' no nuffin bout Nook! Sorry. But you can download on Kindle for PC, or splurge and order from Amazon in the original paperback version, or there is a Diesel e-book too. Maybe that is downlaodable on Nook. As I said, I don't know much about it I am afraid.
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Too bad! The Nook is much more flexible than the Kindle. I can borrow e-books from the library with it. It also supports other e-book formats that the Kindle does not. Oh, and I'm a Mac, not a PC, so I guess I will wait until it's in a format I can read. :)
Aha...! There is no escaping me. Here is the Kindle for Mac link: ... 1000464931

Also I was amused by Caminando's comment about the monks of St. Foy in Conques. Diego Gelmirez, the first archbishop of Compostela, "translated" relics of St. Cufatus, Santa Susana and others from Braga. While the Bishop of Braga, Giraldo, was entertaining Diego Gelmirez, his men were digging up, and carting away by donkey, the relics he claimed to be "saving" from obscurity to take them to Compostela.
You've just gotta love the man.
You can read the full story on ,my blog ("An Unholy Theft") at

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