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Pilgrims who have died


Nunca se camina solo
sillydoll wrote:
"There have been many deaths on the camino - a few weather related, a few accidents, and many 'natural' causes like heart attacks etc.
There are dozens of memorials to pilgrims who have died on the camino. (It is thought that the church of Eunate Santa Maria) could have been a funery church.)
In medieval times, the pilgrim who died whilst on pilgrimage would have a safe passage to heaven, bypassing purgatory altogether.
I added a Pilgrims Memorial post on my blog a couple of years ago - you can see some of the memorials here: ... orials.php"

That posting by Sil and her Pilgrims Memorial inspired these thoughts today:

http://johnniewalker-santiago.blogspot. ... r-own.html
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This is a lovely post John.

When Pope John Paul died - and remember, he was also a pilgrim, as a young man and then twice as Pope - Lady Foppa wrote this poem:

E agora, Joao? (And now, John?)
Lady foppa (autora)

E agora, Joao?

O sino tocou.
O pai te chamou.
O tempo expirou.
O mundo chorou.
Voce nos deixou.

E agora, Joao?

E agora, da flor?
E agora, do amor?
E agora, da dor?
E agora, da paz?
E agora, de nos?

E agora, Joao....

Leve as preces.
Leve a amizade.
Leve a fe'.
Leve os abracos.
Leve a saudade.

E agora, Joao....

E agora, o adeus.
E agora, a gratidao.
E agora o descanso.
E agora a salvacao!

E agora, Joao?

E agora, a nacao?
E agora, a cancao?
E agora, a uniao?
E agora, teus filhos?
E agora, o perdao?

E agora, Joao....

A porta se abriu.
O anjo cantou.
A estrela ascendeu.
O mundo aplaudiu!
Deus te espera...:.


"And now, John?"
Lady foppa, author)

And now, John?

The bell tolled.
The Father called you.
The time expired.
The world cried.
You left us.

And now, John?

And now, what about the flower?
And now, what about the love?
And now, what about the pain?
And now, what about the peace?
And now, what about us?

And now, John......

Carry with you the prayers.
Carry with you the friendship.
Carry with you the faith.
Carry with you the hugs.
Carry with you our longing.

And now, John.....

And now, the good-bye.
And now, the gratitude.
And now to your rest.
And now to your salvation!

And now, John?

And now, what about the nation?
And now, what about the song?
And now, what about unity?
And now, what about your children?
And now, what about forgiveness?

And now, John.......

The door opened.
The angel sang.
The star ascended.
The world applauded!
God awaits you....:


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