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Possible daft question... Walking to Asturias Airport from Oviedo?


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Hi All,

looking at my schedule I might have a day in hand at the end of the Salvador. I was thinking about things to do, maybe a bus somewhere like Gijon for the day but on looking at the map I started wondering...

Is there a marked route that goes to/near Asturias airport at Aviles? It looks to be around 35-40km which I would have plenty of time to do it (flight not until very late) but if it's just miles of tarmac bashing then I'm not really that interested. If, however, there was a known route from Oviedo... I'd maybe take a chance.

OK, doing a (potentially) 40km walk on the day of the flight maybe has a tad of a risk attached to it but seems a shame to waste a potential walking day. It also seems a nice way to finish the trip.

I suspect, though, that the idea may be dead in the water to start with.


No idea is dead in the water to start with when it comes to this forum. :) Angulero is definitely your guy, so let's hope he sees this. I remembered something similar from not too long ago -- this thread has some relevant info, but not exactly what you're looing for. http://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/norte-to-primitivo.19692/

I walked from Oviedo to Aviles long ago and at that point the route was very poorly marked after about the first 12 kms. We would up on the highway all the way into Aviles and it wasn't pretty. Probably just as dangerous as the N630 near Pajares, which I've been sternly lecturing everyone to avoid. The truck traffic was awful. So unless the marking has been improved, I'd loook for another way to spend your last day walking. Buen camino, Laurie


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Thanks for that. After a bit of research I noticed that the road map has a trail of pink scallops marked between Oviedo and Aviles indicating a Camino route. A bit more digging and the Mundo Camino website has a stage guide for it. The pictures dont look that exciting though so may just spend the extra day wandering in either Oviedo or Gijon.
One other option would be to see if there's good bus transportation from Oviedo to a coastal town either west or east for a day trip. Luarca and Cordillero to the west are both beautiful; as are Lastres, Ribadesella, and Llanes to the east. All but Lastres are on the Camino del Norte, so that might just whet your appetite for the next trip.

Just checked quickly for Luarca, which is probably my favorite of all of those, and there are 7 buses a day, taking anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours. Not bad for a day trip.


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Hay una senda llamada Ruta del Agua que va desde las proximidades de Avilés hasta cerca de Pravia. A mitad de camino, llegas a Santiago del Monte, desde donde puedes ir caminando al aeropuerto ya que hay 2 o 3 kilómetros aproximadamente. Esta ruta hace un par de años estaba limpia y bien marcada. No se si han hecho un buen mantenimiento desde entonces, por lo que tendría que preguntar a alguien que la haya hecho últimamente a ver como está. Me da un poco de miedo que no sepas llegar a ella desde Avilés, a pesar de estar cerca.

There is a path called Senda del Agua that goes from near Avilés Pravia up close. Halfway, you get to Santiago del Monte, where you can walk to the airport as there are 2 or 3 miles. This route a couple of years ago was clean and well marked. Not if they have done a good maintenance since then, so I would have to ask someone who has done lately to check on you. I'm a little afraid you do not know get to it from Avilés, despite being close.

Otra opción para que no estés muy lejos del aeropuerto. Puedes dormir en el albergue juvenil de San Esteban de Pravia. Al día siguiente haces la senda costera que va desde San Esteban hasta la playa de Aguilar (unos 4,5 km), desde ahí hasta El Pito por carretera y bajas a comer por Cudillero y de paso lo conoces. Para bajar a Cudillero hay un camino muy bonito por la zona llamada La Atalaya, desde donde se ve Cudillero desde arriba. Aunque se rodea, ya hay peregrinos que hacen esto al pasar por este tramo. Caminarás unos diez kilómetros en total.

Another option so you are not far from the airport. You can sleep in the Albergue Juvenil in San Esteban de Pravia. The next day do the coastal path that runs from San Esteban Aguilar to the beach (about 4.5 km), from there to El Pito road and to eat low-pass Cudillero and know him. To get off to Cudillero there is a nice path through the area called La Atalaya, from where you Cudillero from above. Although around since pilgrims who do this by going through this section. You will walk six miles in total.



Luarca, Avilés, Gijón, también son buenas opciones para pasar un día.

Es una pena que hayan marcado casi todo el Camino del Norte por carretera cuando hay sendas que podrían ser alternativa en muchas ocasiones.

Luarca, Avilés, Gijón, are also good choices for a day.

It's a shame that have marked most of the Camino del Norte road when they could be alternative paths many times.
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