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Primitivo with a dog?

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Hey folks!

I'll be doing the Primitivo this year (in 10 stages; my 3rd Camino) and am wondering if anyone has any info or tips for doing it with a dog. Of course, I can leave the dog at home but I thought I would see if it would be a feasible option.

I don't mind camping if that's what it takes. Just looking for any tips/advice folks might have for this specific route.

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I've done the Primitivo twice and have not seen any pilgrims with dogs. Aside from the first challenge that, unlike the Francese, many farm dogs are not chained or behind fences and Asturian mastiffs are very protective of their territory, accommodation is very limited. Albergues, of course, do not admit animals, although some of them will likely permit you to camp on their property. It is more arduous than other Caminos, and your dog will need to be very fit.

Generally speaking, I can't endorse bringing a dog on a Camino, but if that's what you wish to do, those are three factors to bear in mind.


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It’s not easy - attitudes are slowly changing, but anything other than the ‘toy’ breeds are largely regarded as working animals and very rarely welcomed indoors.

If you decide to take your dog, why not get him or her a dog passport from APACA the animal charity in Santiago? They’re not very well organised (all volunteers) but it’s worth the effort. Henry the dog has his own credencial! (Clearly the Catholic Church do not recognise dogs as worthy of a Compostela - but they don’t know that I got my last one assigned ‘in vicare pro’ Henry, the dog)

Good luck
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There are regular pilgrims with a dog walking the Primitivo. Last year there was even a Catalan group with about 15 dogs walking it... Besides we had about15 other dogs.
In our albergue (Ponte Ferreira, 27 kms after Lugo) dogs are welcome. Please phone and ask before we aways arrange something. Apaca might have a list indeed for albergues with dogs on the primitivo.
Buen camino!


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As we walked the Primitivo in September, we often met up with Lulu and her person who walked the entire Primitivo together. Lulu is a small (probably less than 10 pounds) white pup who even made it over the Hospitales route with her pilgrim. I think he carried her at certain points, as when we crossed, the weather turned wet and cold. Her pilgrim (remember the pup's name, but not his...) told us he never had problems finding where to stay overnight. I'm remembering that he called private albergues ahead to make sure he could stay with Lulu..all the best in your planning.


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Hiya, will you be travelling from Sweden? And how will you do that, by train or by plane? You will need a box on your way to and from the Camino, how are you going to oganize that?
As for food, does your dog adjust well to different brands aka what is available? Or does he need special food and how are you going to carry that for 10 stages? Is the dog used to walking long days? Sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings? Questions, questions.

A little search on this forum will yield lots of info about dogs and the complications of transport in Spain.

Karl Oz

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A hinted above, there are plenty of often unrestrained mastiffs on less-travelled caminos. Do you want to risk a dog-fight, or worse?

The other point I would make is that a pet dog's paws are not accustomed to long-distance walking on rough tracks. One poor fella I encountered last year on the Sanabres did not look brilliant, and particularly his paws, which looked splayed and sore. He wasn't carrying a lot of excess weight, either.

I expect you love your dog, but maybe this is not a suitable journey for him/her.

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