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The Skinny Biker in Spain
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Norte, Frances, Torres, Portuguese all by bike
In the bicycle touring world there is an organisation called Warmshowers whereby hosts provide free accommodation, a cold beer, a warm shower etc for touring cyclists. So is there an equivalent set-up in the peregrino / long-distance hiking world? Just wondering, that's all. Richard the Skinnybiker.
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In France is the French donativo
Chaîne d'Hospitalité Locale

Those who offer such hospitality do so for the pleasure of meeting/greeting pilgrims as well as helping them find their way. Local tourist offices often have current lists of Chaine members.

In the years I walked my husband and I ran a b&b/pilgrim house in our farmhouse along the Marne river as part of the local Chaine. My first pilgrim shell hung at the door marking it as a pilgrim place.
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Low cost albergues in the Camino fulfill that need.
Even the lowest cost albergues do not offer free accommmodation, cold beer and warm showers.

I imagine @Skinnybiker is inquiring about a cycling-centric network completely apart from the pilgrim one. Such a thing does exist but I imagine that in any camino adjacent area the offerings will be slim due to overuse.
Not aware of a similar association in Spain, but I cycled the Frances in 2015 and had no trouble getting accommodation even in donativo albegues. I would usually ride 35-45 km per day (about two stages) so most hospitaleros would recognise that I was a genuine pilgrim. Most establishments also provide secure off - street parking for the bike.
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Gracias a todos, discounting the Couch surfing website there seems to be nothing else equivalent to Warmshowers. However I am appreciating more and more the services provided by the albergues, generally they are very good and good value for money. FYI I am a Warmshower host (Cadiz province) if any of you bicigrinos are ever down that way. Right now I'm on the Camino de Torres (riding south) and have found some good hostels but few albergues. Buen Camino, El Ciclista Flaco.
There's "welcome to my garden". It's fairly recent, and has a few spots. There are some warmshowers hosts in various cities in Spain, some along the camino routes

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