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private hostel in santiago

Dawn of a new Day

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dawn here from Canada, been walking for 4 weeks now, with an amazing journey, and perfect weather!!!! man it has been hot.
i hear there is a private albergue in santiago , can you tell me where it is, or is it better to stay in a cheap pension, i would like to be close to the cathedral. only one more week to walk, oh NO, i have more time so will walk to finisterre and muxia. just can´t stop. thanks for your help and for those that haven´t started. it has been one of the best trips i have taken. more when i get home on the 26th june.
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Dear Dawn
I was so happy to see your message, having read through all your planning messages, to hear that all has gone so well is really lovely. Writing this from a chilly winter day in Sydney Australia, what a beautiful link this is all around the world. With my very best wishes for the rest of your trip (and beyond).


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Private refuge in Santiago

Well done Dawn!! You will have to let us know if there was anything you took that you didn't need - or anything that you might have taken that you did not.
The main Refuge in Santiago is outside the old city and I don't know if there are any private albergues. There are reasonable hotels though. Hospedaje Santa Cruz in Rua do Vilar charges E15 for single. You can find the owner at Rua do Vilar 80 in the deli.
Hospedaje Noya at Rua do Vilar 13-1 charges E23. Can't get much cheaper than that and they are right in the centre of the old city.
Let us know when you expect to arrive in the Plaza Obradoiro and you can wave to us all from the webcams!
Big hug,


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Hi Dawn!

I am happy to hear that things are going well. Yes, the heat.... ahh... for a guy from Norway it is .... warm. They say it will cool down a bit in the next few days.

I would suggest getting a place in old town like Sillydoll suggested. She mentioned a few places... I could add (my favorite) Hostal Suso (the reception is on Cafe Suso at the end of rua Vilar (30-something euro for a room. But they only have 5 or 6 rooms so it might be sold out.).

Some other suggestions:

...and these.. a bit more pricy I think.. ... id=306118; ... aid=306118
(for the last two links, make sure to read the "User Reviews")

Welcome to Santiago!!!



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Hi Dawn of a new Day!!

Great to hear from you - you must be feeling elated to be on the home stretch, the journey is all wonderful though.

As a coincidence i shall be in Santiago for a return visit on the 16th - 18th for the weekend - I shall keep my eyes and ears open for a Canadian accent!

If you are there look out for a 40 something tall Irishman and thats me...

I hope the camera worked out well for you!

Take care and enjoy the road...

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