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Private Rooms on the camino


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September 2024
Hello everyone I am new to the forum starting our Camino in September this year. Hubby and I are doing this pilgrimage as a reconnection to each other having raised three beautiful girls starting our parenting journey very early on in our relationship this will be the first time we have had more than a week together since we were 17 (we are now 52/53)! The resource for the albergues is fantastic thank you @wisepilgrim! Is there a similar resource for private accommodation (only needs to be private room with private bathroom)? This is what we will be choosing to do given the reason for our own personal pilgrimage :) appreciate any feedback. Also I have booked a few days at the start but finding it hard to get something in Zubiri! Has anyone had that happen and walked on to the next town and been able to get a bed easy enough? Thank you everyone and Buen Camino!
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Wise pilgrim shoes which Albergues have private rooms. You hold down the WhatsApp message button and it creates a Spanish message you can tailor. Booking.com does not show all rooms stock.

I would suggest that you be a little flexible re private rooms with bathrooms. You may not be able to get one absolutely everywhere and therefore have to stay in shared rooms a few nights. Honestly, it will give you a few laughs and something to talk about! Most have blankets and some even have towels so you don’t necessarily need to carry more stuff either.
Oh thank you that sounds perfect. Yes more than happy to share the experiences by staying outside of private rooms.
€2,-/day will present your project to thousands of visitors each day. All interested in the Camino de Santiago.
Oh thank you that sounds perfect. Yes more than happy to share the experiences by staying outside of private rooms.
I think that’s a good attitude. Gives you more flexibility to stop where you really want to and also gives you a taste of the more typical camino experience. Private rooms in Albergues are much better than hotels in my experience because they always have washing facilities and often offer a shared meal where you can meet other pilgrims (you can also attend these even if you’re not staying there sometimes too though).
The Spanish Gronze Camino Frances on line guide lists all accomodations ie albergues and hotels for each town on the camino in an east to west sequence.and shows which have private rooms. It appears to be constantly updated. A Chrome browser can easily translate the Spanish citations.

Their info for Zubiri is here.

Good luck with your plans and
Buen camino to you both!
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mspath is right i always stay in private rooms and use WisePilgrim and Gronze they are both great assets for finding a bed.
Buen Camino
If staying in Zubiri Casa Suseia is outstanding;food is wonderful top 3 out of 80+ Camino nights
Get a spanish phone number with Airalo. eSim, so no physical SIM card. Easy to use app to add more funds if needed.
Private rooms in Albergues are much better than hotels in my experience because they always have washing facilities and often offer a shared meal where you can meet other pilgrims
My wife likes private rooms, but I prefer albergues when on the Camino. Our compromise is that we look for albergues that offer private doubles. Our experience is similar to what @melbmeg said above, can’t always get a private bath which has been fine for us. With this said, not all albergues have private rooms and those that do usually don’t have many. In my experience they have been in high demand. Without having reserved a private room in an albergue, they might be hard to secure so I’d suggest that you plan ahead as September is a busy month on the Camino.

If you can’t find a room in Zubiri, look up the trail toward Larrasoaña. According to Gronze, there are a couple of pensións there. I stayed in Larrasoaña on my first Camino which meant that I had a nice short day into Pamplona.
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Hi @DonnaSeanBarnes I recommend downloading the Forwalk App (free). This resource should cover everything you need to know in terms of navigation, planning, stages, accommodations and reservations. It lists albergues, the cost per room and gives contact information. If the albergue is on booking .com the link will be there. If not there is a phone number or email address https://app.forwalk.org/2/1/en/19/#-4.9/42.7/6.3/180

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