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Problem posting video


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I am able to post pictures without problems but not videos in a thread. I post a video as .mov and it's comes out only as sound or upside down with audio. I convert it to .mp4 from .mov (rotating the image) and the same thing happens. Those seem to be the only formats for videos. What am I doing wrong?



  • Video Jul 11, 7 23 34
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  • Video Jul 11, 7 23 34 AM.mp4
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I was using VLC to convert the .mov to .mp4. It did, but it also made the video upside-down, possibly how the .mov was actually stored but flipped by VLC when it was played. Instead of VLC I used Handbrake to convert it to .mp4 and now it's right-side up. I still don't understand why the original .mov file plays only the audio, either as an attachment or embedded in the post.


  • Video Jul 11, 7 23 34
    16.8 MB
  • Video Jul 11, 7 23 34 Am-1.mp4
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I figured out my problem. It doesn't appear that movies taken with HEVC are accepted on the forum, only those with AVCHD. So you have to either turn off the option for HEVC in your (phone's) camera option, or convert the video from HEVC to AVCHD (.mp4). VLC is capable of this.


So I'm just putting this information out there in case someone else encounters a similar issue.
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