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Problem with boots

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Hi, I have just bought my new boots as I plan to walk the Camino at the beginning of August. I bought a pair of ladies meindl borneo with memory foam at the top of the boots. I have been breaking them in over the weekend and I have developed two bruises and a lump on my leg where the top of the boots meet my leg. Any ideas why this is happening? And what I can do about it?

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I suggest that you get new boots (there's still time for breaking them in) or consider sandals.



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Hi Shell,

The question is: do you feel comfortable in them? Even if it is new it shouldn't cause you too much injury.

If you're one of the folks who carry a really light backpack, you may opt to use sandals as you are walking in summer, probably not too much need for boots.

You still have time, good luck on whatever footwear you choose.


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I don't understand the sandals thing. The bloke I walked with last year wore sandals and suffered from blisters and they wore down very quickly. They also offer little protection to the feet from sharp stones, prickles etc. Why do people wear these things on an eight hundred kilometre walk?
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sandals are extremely light, provide great arch support (at least in my experience with chacos and keens) and dry quickly. they're also 'breathable' and for people whose feet tend to run hot, this is a deal breaker.

all just personal preference, i suppose. ever see a picture of st. james wearing boots? :wink:


I have tried the lot (even fell-running boots) and swear by lightweight leather. I have low topped Brasher boots that feel like feathers, making walking a real pleasure - and have never given me a blister, or any other problem.

I do have high arches and insteps, though - and have to be careful about lacing. I wonder if that may be part of your problem? Brashers do have an alternative lacing system (see their site ), but I swear by elastic laces (from who do mail order), and taking time to put the boots on and get the tension right. I do the whole liner sock and wool sock routine, so my one luxury in my 6Kg pack was a shoehorn to keep the socks from wrinkling when the boot goes on.

If it is just one foot affected, it could be that one is a different size, and you might need some form of insert?

Post a photo of your poor feet so we can see the problem!

Best wishes,


Edited: so that Brasher link now works WM


Hi, thanks you for all your responses.

I have had a chat with a member of staff from outdoors shop (that stocks my boots). The problem, I believe, is with the lacing. I was not lacing my boots correctly and the lady in the shop showed me a few different ways of lacing them up. So..... I am going to the Lake District this weekend to try and break them in properly. I will let you know if I have any more problems.
Shell :D

William Marques

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I'm another one who would recommend the Brasher Supalite GTX (they do a womens version too) the soft leather type. Like Pip they have never yet given me a blister even when wearing them straight out of the box.

I hope you shop was right but if not these may be right for you.
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I have problems with boots - bunions, bursas, flat feet - but have walked many miles in sandals, including the Via de la Plata and the Northern Route. Sturdy sandals are essential. Merrell's Kahuna sandals have always worked well for me.

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