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Problems getting a Pilgrim passport

I have been having difficulty obtaining a pilgrim passport. I requested one through the American Pilgrims site (twice through their website and once by email). I requested it over a month ago. I still haven't gotten it. I leave next Saturday (Oct 13th) and fly into Madrid and from there, a bus to Astorga. Is there any way to obtain a Pilgrim passport now on such short notice?

Usually you can get one at your first albergue or pilgrim centre. (at least on camino frances). If you have time in Madrid, you can go to Asociación de Amigos de los Caminos de Santiago de Madrid, or one of two churches, la catedral de la Almudena or la iglesia de Santiago.
Si eres de Madrid o te puedes acercar, en nuestra Asociación podrás obtener esta credencial. Estamos en:

Asociación de Amigos de los Caminos de Santiago de Madrid
c/ Carretas 14, 7, B-1 (metro Sol)
Tlf.: +34 91 5232211
Martes y jueves: 19:00 a 21:00 (abierto todo el año)
Miércoles: 11:00 a 12:30 (abierto todo el año excepto en Julio y Agosto) Miércoles: 19:00 a 21:00 (suplemento horario sólo durante Mayo, Junio y Julio)
En Madrid también se da la credencial del peregrino en la catedral de la Almudena y en la iglesia de Santiago.
I got mine from the Asociacion de los Amigos, it´s very close to puerta del Sol! Buen Camino. It's almost full now and I got a new one at the albergue in Ponferrada.


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I also requested one from the American site (almost two months before I left to do the Camino), but they never sent it - I wonder what's up with that? I ended up buying one at the tourist office in Bordeaux, France for 6 Euros. I like wine and France, so after flying into Paris I headed down to Bordeaux and spent a couple of days there dining out, mentally prepping for the trek, and getting some last minute items for the Way.

In fact, I considered starting the Camino from Bordeaux, but decided against it due to the lack of a decent guide/map. But there are evidences of the Camino all over the city, so I consider Bordeaux to be the emotional/spiritual beginning of my Camino (it's the first stamp in my credencial) :)


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Don't worry about it. You can get one from the Albergue in Astorga and it will cost 1 or 2 euros. Most pilgrims pick one up in Spain, not before travelling.


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Hi Dave,
I see you can rest easy as you will get fixed up with a "passport".
I was on my first part of the Camino earlier in the summer and had left applying for one, here in ireland, a bit late. However thanks to my "angel" at http://www.stjamesirl.com it was sent promptly.
The way these things work and this site, I'd nearly offer you my uncompleted passport!

Buen Camino,

Hi Dave

You will have no problems getting a passport .

One of our companions lost his passport on the camino. When this was discovered he was able to get a new passport in the next albergue that we were passing ( and not even staying in ) .

Therefore don`t worry.

Buen Camino
Hi Dave,
Hope your pilgrimage goes well. Regarding pilgrim passport, it may happen that you don't manage to pick up a 'credencial' because various places are closed, eg tourist office in Astorga - you may want to move on before they open.... If you get to Rabanal del Camino the 'English' refugio, Gaucelmo, will sell you a 'credencial' for 1 Euro, and you might even like to stay there!
Buen Camino


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HI Dave,

Best wishes on your upcoming Camino. I hope you post here on the Way to share the sights of autumn with all of us!

Your credencial will be no problem. Most of the albergues can sell you one. I filled my first one and needed to buy a second in Hospital de Orbigo, but I saw people who had lost theirs get a replacement in a variety of albergues. Some poeple opted to get second stamps in their journals and others got stamps in their journals from places like churches, cafés, bars, etc. just so they had the stamp but didnt' want to fill more than one credencial with the sellos. So there are lots of possibilities - keep your eyes open and you will see lots of variety!

Do be aware however, that you need the credencial in order to stay at an albergue and for some (who give preference to Pilgrims "a pie" on foot) they will look at the previous nights stamp in order to see how far you've walked in a day.

I highly recommend taking a small (or a few small) zip lock bags in order to keep you passport(s) dry. It was a trick I learned on the Way (too late for me) and wished I had thought to do it. Keeps everything dry from sweat, spills, moisture and rain.
Buen Camino, :arrow:

It is very easy to get a Credenciale from the place of start. The first time we got it at Ocebreiro. and the second time at Leon. All they require a small donation at the most a couple of euros.

Thanks to everyone for your replies. I was fortunate enough to get in touch with Zita Macy at the American Pilgrims organization and I got my passport 2 days ago. I leave today for Spain and I am incredibly excited :) . My friends and family have been so supportive (and a little envious :evil:) of this trip. I hope to meet several of you on the Way. I leave from Astorga Oct 15 and arrive in Santiago Oct 24.

Buen Camino


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