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I am travelling in may, with 2 pairs pants/(zip off shorts). The underwear weigh 700grams. do you think this is necessary, or would an umbrella or rain pants be more beneficial.
thanks for your help.
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700g? Each? Seems excessive to me. You could try briefs rather than longjohns, and/or silk rather than polypropylene. A pair of wicking briefs shouldn't weigh more than 50g or so.

Some people think walking with an umbrella is pretty naff, but I think it's one of the most effective means of keeping off the rain. Problem is rain often comes with wind, so if someone would just invent an umbrella that can stand up to wind . . .
long johns

hi peter,

thanks for your reply. boy did i goof. the underwear bottoms weigh 150g. the top 125g. so not sure where my figures came from. that is the weight of my coat which is too much (windbreaker) i was also thinking about the wind and the umbrella. i talked with Bethan Davies, author of one of the camino books, she says the jacket is mostly for the wind. I could put out to the universe NO RAIN please, but hey, i am a postie so anything goes.
thanks again
Hi Dawn,
Keep it light.
If it really, really rains, you will probably get wet. It is always a compromise between rain outside and sweat inside....
But, hey, getting wet is not the end of the world. If it is warm and wet, no problem. If cold, there is always a nice bar somewhere, with a decent glass of tinto, and, hopefully, some dry clothes. Me, I like thermals at the bottom of my (waterproof) pack for just such an emergency.
hi jill, thanks for your input. i agree with less is best, and i think i am doing quite well. my goal is 15 pounds without water or posties usually carry between 20 -35 pounds of mail for minimum 3 hours. good training eh?? i agree warm and wet no problem, i do like the underwear "just in case" as i am only bringing 2 pairs clothes. they don't take up much room and are light. see you on the trail?
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I wish!
But I can't be greedy. I've been lucky enough to make the pilgrimage three times from SJPP to Santiago. This year I had planned to go walk the Via de la Plata, but at the moment it feels like I'm not getting the NOD from St James. People need me here. The camino has taught me to value life as it is, not as one would want it to be. Well, I try anyway.
But that does not stop me rejoicing for you! Have a really really good time.

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