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Provisional 2019 Compostela figures - up about 20,000


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With only 3 days of the year left to go El Correo Gallego has published some provisional figures for the year. A final total of 346,976. 59% of those receiving Compostelas were foreigners with Italy, Germany, the United States, France and Portugal being most numerous. Overall 179 nationalities have been recorded out of the UN's 193 member states. The article also notes once again the remarkable degree of interest amongst Koreans - a phenomenon which Google Translate renders as an "Asian Bum"


Bob from L.A. !

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Amazing numbers!

Nigel Clark

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How great to have been one of those numbers ! Met lots of South Koreans , lovely people though with a tendency to get up in the early hours .


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Where the heck did El Correo Gallego get those numbers?? The Oficina **still** hasn't fixed their statistics page.


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Where the heck did El Correo Gallego get those numbers?? The Oficina **still** hasn't fixed their statistics page.
The Oficina's statistics page works fine in the Spanish version: daily numbers and monthly totals are there. Click on https://oficinadelperegrino.com/estadisticas2/. All that's still missing is the usual pdf file for 2019. I recently updated a table with monthly figures for 2019 and a comparison with 2018. It's here.


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The changes per camino are interesting as well (numbers may not be exact because they are from different sources... from the first posting and from the 2018-pdf from the last posting; Camino Portugués de la Costa is not in the 2019 numbers of the first posting) :


On this (German) page the numbers for Camino del Norte, Camino Inglés and Camino Portugués de la Costa are different:
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To Santiago and beyond (from home; Voie de Tours; Camino Francés; Biskaya; Manche; Via Brabantica)
Interesting to see the decline of the numbers for the Camino Frances for those pilgrims who started before Sarria and were registered by the Pilgrims Office: since 2015, every year fewer pilgrims than during the previous year! However, in absolute numbers it is just a few thousand less (out of a hundred thousand) annually, and depending on the month (for example May or September), there may well have been an increase. I've walked in sections and I became increasingly sophisticated in picking a time when there were not that many people on this major pilgrimage road to Santiago.

CF before and after Sarria.jpg
Camino Frances ohne Sarria: pilgrims started before Sarria
Camino Frances ab Sarria: pilgrims started from Sarria


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That chart certainly paints a picture, @Kathar1na ! Wow. No wonder that last 100K feels increasingly crowded - because it is.

The other thing that I notice is from the table that @martin1ws posted is the 46% increase in the numbers on the Invierno and the 112% increase in other caminos. As time goes on more and more of us have done the Frances and are walking alternative ways - either because we like solitude, or because we are getting braver...or both.


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I have been tracking the Oficina statistics for starts from both SJPdP and Sevilla month by month from 2016 to 2019. This came from an interest in seeing how numbers are growing (or maybe are not growing) on the VdlP (which I'm planning to walk starting March 2020) compared to the CF (completed in 2016). Some of the posts and commentary I was reading was leading me to believe that numbers were continuing to swell!

Unfortunately the new format with the pie charts means that I no longer seem to separate out the starts from Sevilla which get grouped into the 'resto' category, but the monthly data up to June 2019 turns up some interesting results.

My take is that people are walking in what was previously less popular months possibly to avoid the crowds. Or perhaps the crowding is happening closer to SdC or on shorter sections as a result of increasing pilgrimage tourism? Wonder what others thought?

On a personal note - looks like I should have company on the Via next April 😁

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