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PSA: Crocs shrink (and how to unshrink them)


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I'll be doing the CF in the summer, and unfortunately, due to the size of my feet (I could give Sasquatch a run for his money) I have to strap my Croc sandals to the outside of my pack. Crocs apparently shrink when exposed to direct sun (and heat). Fortunately, they can also be unshrunk (is that a word?) back to the original size with heat. Here's a good link that explains how to do it: How to Un-Shrink Croc Shoes That Have Shrunk.

I think it would probably work to just put the hot Crocs on while they're still hot from the sun (but have socks or something else covering your feet to prevent burning) upon arrival at the albergue. I'll see how this works in three months.

If anyone has prior experience with this (unshrinking, that is, not getting feet burned by hot Crocs), please comment.


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My daughter has worn crocs for 15 years in the hot, hot sun of Sacramento, California. She often left them outside in the sun, but shrinkage was NEVER an issue. My size 14 Crocs often hung on the outside of my pack this past spring while walking the CF and I also never experienced that issue. Not sure it’s a problem you need to worry about.


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Yes, I have experience with shrinking and stretching Crocs. My husband left his in the sun on the porch and they shrank. For myself I ordered a new pair and they were too loose.
Well, place your Crocs in the dryer for 5 minutes with a couple of towels on medium to high. Don't be surprised when they look even smaller. Put them on over thick socks and wear them until cool.
If your Crocs are too big the dryer will shrink them. If the first time you try this you stretch them too much, just repeat the process. I wish I would have known this before I gave all my brand new loose Crocs to my daughter. I love Crocs but the sizes vary according to style.


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Is there any way to stretch crocs a little? My Mary Jane crocs are just a bit tight and I'd love to stretch the back strap a bit.


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Frances (crossed Pyrenees then Sarria to SdC) 2018, Frances & Ingles Summer, 2019.
Try using the method I posted the link to. That might work.


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Only recently am I giving serious thought to purchasing Crocs. This is the first I'm reading about shrinking. Thanks for this thread and replies!
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