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Public transport along the Camino Sanabrés



The aim of this thread (opened at request of @SabineP ) is to make a list of public transport options (other than taxi) along the Camino Sanabrés. The Camino Sanabrés goes from Granja de Moreruela to Santiago de Compostela. I've divided it in three sections (Granja de Moreruela-A Gudiña; A Gudiña-Ourense and Ourense-Santiago de Compostela) to make easier to consult the list. The list is non-exhaustive because there are many possible routes within the Camino Sanabrés and not all of them are quoted. On this thread you'll find:
  • Some info about how to reach Granja de Moreruela by public transport.
  • Some info about public transport within each of the three sections in which I've divided the Camino Sanabrés.

CAVEAT: I believe all the info on this post is right at the time of the last edition (take a look at the right corner at the bottom of the post; just above the dotted blue line) but it may be incomplete and it might be mistakes and/or inaccuracies. There could also be changes on bus and/or train routes that made outdated (part of) the info on this post. Therefore, you must confirm by yourself that whatever route(s) you plan to make are really available on the date(s) you plan to make it(them) and what bus company (or companies) makes it(them). The links provided on this post might help you to confirm the info.

TIP: Don't take for sure that because a bus company stops at whatever two towns it has rights to sell tickets between those towns. If that's not explicitly stated at the web of the relevant bus company, phone them to confirm it. It might be other bus company stopping too at both towns being that other company the only one with rights to sell tickets for the route between those towns. It might even be the case that one bus company doesn't have rights to sell tickets between two of the towns along one of its routes and there isn't any other bus company linking directly those towns (i.e.: it may be a bus stopping at two towns but citizens of those towns might not be able to travel by direct bus from one town to the other one because the only bus company that stops at both towns doesn't have rights to sell tickets from one of those towns to the other).

PREVIOUS NOTE: Not all the routes quoted on this post are daily. Check the days of operation with the relevant bus company. Be especially careful with routes involving a change of buses because you may need to make an overnight stay (or more than one overnight stay) at the town where you change buses.


The Camino Sanabrés starts in Granja de Moreruela. It seems that Granja de Moreruela can be reached from Zamora by bus with Autocares Vivas: www.autocaresvivas.es If you are coming from the North, it seems the same bus company makes the route between Benavente and Granja de Moreruela but confirm it either locally or getting in touch with the bus company.


AFAIK, from Granja de Moreruela, there isn't direct transport to any other town on the Camino Sanabrés but there are options changing buses along the route (check schedules with the relevant bus companies to know if they can be made on a single day or if an overnight stay on the town where you change buses is required):
  • Bus from Granja de Moreruela to Montamarta and another one from Montamarta to Tábara. It seems both routes are made by Autocares Vivas (www.autocaresvivas.es) but confirm it getting in touch with the bus company.
  • Bus from Granja de Moreruela to Benavente (see above) and bus from Benavente to Santa Marta de Tera. The route from Benavente to Santa Marta de Tera seems to be made by Autocares Julio Fernández (www.autocaresjfernandez.com)
If you go to Tábara, it seems that buses from Tábara to Santa Croya de Tera and Santa Marta de Tera are operated by Autocares Vivas (www.autocaresvivas.es).

It seems that buses among Santa Marta de Tera, Calzadilla de Tera, Olleros de Tera, Rionegro del Puente and Monbuey are operated by Autocares Julio Fernández (www.autocaresjfernandez.com). And it seems that buses from Santa Marta de Tera, Calzadilla de Tera, Olleros de Tera and Rionegro del Puente to Asturianos, Palacios de Sanabria, Otero de Sanabria and Puebla de Sanabria are operated by Autocares Julio Fernández too.

Once a week, Autocares J. Fernández offers on demand bus service to Entrepeñas and San Salvador de Palazuelo, once a week but another day to Cernadilla and Valdemerilla and once a week but another day to Villar de Farfón. Take a look at their web for info about schedules, possible destinations (and confirm them by phoning to the bus company)... Be aware on demand bus service have to be booked (by phone) the day before because otherwise they don't make that stop. I don't know what other rules (if any) there are to use the on demand bus service but the same number that you have to use to book the on demand buses can be used to get info about the on demand bus service so you may ask your questions to the person on the other side of the phone.

Both Autocares Julio Fernández and Autocares Vivas stop at Mombuey, Asturianos, Palacios de Sanabria, Otero de Sanabria and Puebla de Sanabria on one of their routes but I don't know which of those bus companies has rights to sell tickets for routes among those towns. It may be Autocares Julio Fernández or it may be Autocares Vivas or it may be both of them or even it could be neither of them (what IMHO would be astonishing). Check locally or get in touch with those bus companies to ask about it.

From Puebla de Sanabria, the best would be to go to A Gudiña either by train (www.renfe.com) or by bus. By bus, in theory, the route is made by www.avanzabus.com but it seems they don't sell tickets online for it. Ask locally. Since the train that stopped in Lubián was discontinued, Lubián doesn't seem to have public transport (other than taxi) to Puebla de Sanabria or to A Gudiña.


Between A Gudiña and Ourense, the camino has two variants: one through Laza and another one through Verín.


AFAIK, there aren't direct buses from A Gudiña to Laza. To make that route by bus, you would need to take a bus from A Gudiña to Verín (if there's one, see below the info for the Verín variant). Buses from Verín to Laza are operated by Anpian (www.anpian.com). An overnight stop in Verín is (likely to be) required so check if there's bus service from Verín to Laza the day you need it.

It seems that buses among Laza, Alberguería, Vilar de Barrio and Ourense are operated by Anpián too.

Once in Ourense, you can backtrack to Xunqueira de Ambía with Monbús (www.monbus.es). It's a big detour but it's a way to make it in a single day. If you don't bother to make an overnight stop along the route, it seems you could take a bus from Laza, Alberguería or Vilar de Barrio to Maceda with Anpián, stay overnight in Maceda and take one from Maceda to Xunqueira de Ambía (with Monbus) next day but check schedules and confirm it with the relevant bus companies.

Buses among Xunqueira de Ambía, A Pousa, Salgueiros, Pereiros, Reboredo, Seixalbo and Ourense are operated by Monbus (www.monbus.es)


It used to be bus service between A Gudiña to Verín but I can't find info about it on the web of the bus company that made it. I don't know if that's because they don't make it anymore or because it's a local service used mainly by locals that already know the schedule and don't care to publish it online. Anyway, ask locally because surely some bus company will make the route to Verín but don't take it for sure till you confirm it locally.

Buses among Verín, Pazos, Albarellos, Viladerrei, Trasmiras, Xinzo de Limia, Sandiás, Piñeira de Arcos, Allariz, Seixalbo and Ourense are operated by Monbus (www.monbus.es).


Buses among Ourense, Cudeiro, Bouzas, Viduedo, Cea, Castro Dozón, Silleda, (A) Bandeira, Ponte Ulla and Santiago de Compostela are operated by Monbus (www.monbus.es).

From Ourense to Santiago de Compostela (just from Ourense to Santiago de Compostela, i.e.: without including camino towns in between), train is another option. Take a look at www.renfe.com for more info.
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Brilliant . . . don't suppose you could do one for the Camino del Norte as well . . . ? :D:D:D


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Castilian...thank you ever so much. Really really appreciated.
Thank you again for the time you take to make this possible.
Wish I could buy you a beer!

PS : good to read that there is indeed a direct bus from Zamora to Tabara seeing I will start there and not in Granja de Moreruela ( vertigo issues on the etapa Granja to Tabara).
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A couple of months ago I took the bus from Leon to Granja de Moreruela, here is the timetable: http://www.galeon.com/pagina_zamora/leonzamora.pdf

The bus stops in many villages and at Benaventa bus station.

I told the driver when I was boarding I wanted to get off in Granja. I suspect it may be a request stop.

The journey took about an hour and cost about €7.


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