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New Member
Hi all

we’d like to go to Camino in first half of May and I’d like to ask you some questions:

we will start in Porto, but we have only 8 days. Do you think it is enough, or can you recommend me some better start point? Or how many kilometers per day is optimum?
about sellos – is it right, than we can get them in all churches along the way, during all the day?
and last question (I hope :) ) is about accomodation – where I can get a list/map with accomodation for pilgrims? Do you have any good/bad experiences?

Thank you very much
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Veteran Member
Time of past OR future Camino
Portuguese '08, Frances '11, del Norte '14, Invierno '16, Ingles '17, Primitivo October 2018
Mike you've come to the mother lode!! I certainly can't answer any of your they are so much like the ones I had a few months ago. But this web forum is a terrific source of information and inspiration!! Just keep checking some of the different topics and I'm sure you'll stumble on the answers! We're going in late I guess we won't cross paths, BUT...should you be in Tui around the 23rd of May...perhaps we will!

Wishing you Buen Camino,
Karin :)


New Member
Hallo mikemm,
have a look at the Camino Portuguese Guide by John Brierley,
highly recommended.
Have a look at the link in this section,
Pilgrimage from Valenca to Santiago di C. in Sep 19 - 25
We arrived at Porto, there is a direct bus from the aeroport to Galicia.
We started pilgrimage in Valenca and reached Santiago di C. in 6 days /approx. 125 km/.
Albergues: Valenca - Porrino - Redondela - Pontevedra - Briallos - Padron - Santiago di C. /Seminario Menor/.
Sellos are available in all churches, caffees, bakeries, police stations, information points, albergues - there is no problem with them along the route.
And I recommend you to spend the spare days in Santiago.
Buen Caminho,


New Member
to karin:

unfotunately not, we have to be in Santiago latest on 16th because of our flight home :( but I wish you buen camino too :)

to olga:

Thank you for info, now I'm satisfied and I can prepare myself with clear mind :)

Buen Camino to all :wink:


Javier Martin

Veteran Member
Hello, Mikemm,

I walked from Barcelos in just 6 days on winter 4 years ago. From Porto to Barcelos you need 2 days.

But, 6 days for beginning in Barcelos may be too hard. Because from Ponte de Lima to Tuy you would have walking 42 km, the day before another 33 ...

I suggest you to begin in Barcelos, to enjoy to very beautiful cities of Ponte de Lima, Valença de Minho and Tui, La Serra do Labruja, and ... everything.

You can download a free guide about the Camino Portuguese from in spanish or portuguese, written during the spring of 2,007.

Buen Camino,

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.
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New Member
Hi all,
just finished the Camino and I took John Brierlys advise and I got the 602 ( was the 87 or 71 ) slow airport bus from Porto to Guaderes which is outside Porto. You miss all that horrible Industrial Area walking. Then it is a pleasant 25 k walk to the great Albergue in Rates. I would have to say that were I advising people on this Camino I would tell them to start in Puenta de Lima. I know its a kind of cheat but you miss miles and miles of often BUSY narrow road walking, and for me this would be the ideal place to start . After Puenta de Lima its really pleasant country walking and its about 8 days to Santiago . Country lanes, forests, orange groves, streams etc etc. . Buen camino


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Time of past OR future Camino
Portuguese '08, Frances '11, del Norte '14, Invierno '16, Ingles '17, Primitivo October 2018
Cruiser, Thank you!!

We have 15 days and a wake up!! We have to still finalize our exact launch spot and determine how far each day ! Our return flight is on June all told we have at least 7-8 days...but are planning around 6 -7 for actual walking...Will probably check back with you and pick your brains some more!

Gracias, Karin


New Member
Hi Mikemm,
8 days is probably to short to start in Porto, unless you do it by bike. Alternatively you can start on Tui at the border with Spain. From Tui you will have 100km+ so you can still get your certificate in Santiago de Compostela.
Regarding the stamps (sellos) you can get them virtually everywhere.

For more information have a look at There you will find a detail of the walk day by day, charts of temperature and rainfall, and also a comprehensive "how to get there".

Good luck


New Member
mikemm said:
we will start in Porto, but we have only 8 days. Do you think it is enough...

I did Porto to Santiago in 11 days earlier this year using the Brierly guide. That's one day less than he suggests & I out in a couple of detours (usually intentional!)

You could do it in 8 days, but it depends what you're doing it for. It won't allow much space for relaxation, thinking time... But you'd be physically fitter by the end of it.
Have a good trip

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