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Questions about the Camino; Please help!


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Hey guys,

I just signed up to the forum because you guys seem like a well of information and I'm really excited to get my camino planning underway! I have maaaaany questions though because knowing me, I'll make this thread, read the replies, and that will be the only preparation I'll do =P.

I was thinking I would do the camino frances, for a couple reasons. Firstly and mainly, I already completed a long and arduous hiking trek just two weeks ago, so I'm looking for something a little less in the wilderness. Something that isn't mountain climbing, or desert crossing, but a nice road with other people, lots of villages, a real nice way to see the north of Spain. On the other hand walking on the northern coast of spain (northern route) to Santiago seems amaaaaazing. Someone give me some advice on the matter, what they recommend? Because the only thing stopping me from doing the northern path is the lack of people; I was alone in the desert for three weeks, I don't want to walk another trail all alone!

Another important logistical question I have is about the weather. Will it be too hot to hike the camino in July and late June? Seems like it would be really hot...

Another thing: I realize this year is a holy year, and Saint James day is something like the 25th or 27th, which works out okay with my plans. I was thinking I would aim to end my camino on saint james day, or the day before, because I thought it would really be a great way to end it, on the biggest day of the year in Santiago. However, am I wrong? Is it really going to be worth postponing my camino a week so I end on this date? I don't really know much about it.

Lastly, how is the walk from Saint Jean Port de Prince to Pamplona? It would seem to me very nice to walk in the Pyrenees, though I believe it's much easier to start in Pamplona if I'm flying to Barcelona. Any advice on this matter?

Thanks for reading, I very much appreciate it. Hope my questions aren't overwhelming!

Bye :D
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There will definitely be people on the Northern Route (coastal route)--especially in the summer--especially in a holy year. I walked last June/July and although it wasn't "crowded" there were plenty of people. On some days the albergues were full and people had to find other lodging. I would think all of the routes will be quite crowded this summer--especially for those trying to arrive on or just before St. James day. THe Northern route should have cooler temperatures in the summer than the Camino Frances but there is the chance for a fluke and for that not to be the case.
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Both Caminos have their own beauty... I promise you that once you do ONE Camino, you'll return to walk the others... we all do! ::laughing:::

Just read, go to the suggested websites, look at all the wonderful photos and then try to decide. Maybe don't even decide until you reach Spain!

Personally, I would not "plan" to arrive in Santiago on any particular day. The Camino has a way of changing your plans.. be flexible and you'll be much happier! GO WITH THE FLOW and don't stress dates or times... Buen Camino!
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suzie morgs

We arrived Barcelona, caught a train to Pamplona (4.5 Hours) and then express burocot to St Jean (1.5 hours).Great way to get to the start. Absolutely wouldn't want to walk anytime near feast day as the foot traffic throughout the whole of holy year is so great that pilgrims are already finding accommodation difficult to find. I couldn't begin to imagine the crowds near the feast day. If you have a tent you may be fine.
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