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Hi all, I am walking the Camino Portuguese in June and I am really looking forward to it, I am starting to get everything organised and I have a few questions that I hope you may be able to help me with.

I need to take the metro from Porto airport to the centre of Porto to get my credencial from the Cathedral; does anyone know the name of the metro stop where I need to get off?

Also, I have a few days to spare at the end of walking and I was thinking of heading to beach. I had heard there were a few nice beaches around Ponteverda, has anyone any information on this? Or could someone recommend somewhere please?

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Hi Shell

I don´t have access to my notes at the moment but I think it may be Bolhão Station - but anyone on the Metro will tell you.

I´m afraid I can´t tell you much about beaches but what a discussion this has started this morning! Here we go:

Katusha (in the Pilgrims Office) says take a bus from Santiago to Noia then a bus to Riveira for a fantastic selection of beaches. The journey will take around an hour the same as Ponteverda but better beaches.

Sandra says take the train from Santiago to Villagarcía de Arosa - journey 45 mins for an excellent beach.

Antonio says he agrees with Sandra. They are now shouting their preferences at each other!

ok - after all of that there has been an outbreak of agreement around Muros being the most outstanding beach - take the bus which goes from Santiago - Muros -Cee - Fisterra. It leaves Santiago bus station at 9am, 10am, 12 noon (on Saturdays) 1pm, 3.20 pm (Saturdays) and 7pm.

Good luck!


ps they are still at it - they say look here for the evidence!


Hi John, thanks for the information regarding the Metro, I am having difficulty loading the map of the Metro on my PC at the minute.

I thank you all (so much) for the information regarding the beaches and I am almost crying with laughter at the discussions you have been having there. But, instead of helping me out with this question, all you have done is add to it! :D

My dilemma now is which one? I checked them all out and they all look fantastic! What a choice and what a beautiful part of the world. But, yes I think maybe Muros or Riveira. :lol:

Thank you all very much

Rebekah Scott

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I spent some time in Muros post-camino in 2001. Back then there wasn´t much of a beach at all... for that you had to go over to San Francisco, about a km. away. The "municipal beach" was still pretty much fishermen, boats, and mussel shells.

...that said, though, at about 3 p.m. each day a gang of dolphins came swimming in to the harbor and leapt about for at least a half-hour. It was a magical time and place. And you can get a really great pizza there, too!
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If you wanted to spend some time on a beautiful Portuguese beach, I highly recommend Nazare.
It is not on the Camino.
But I spent $200 for a flat there for one week and loved every minute.
A lovely town with a gorgeous beach!
Easy to access via train or bus.


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hi shell,

I'm also thinking of taking the camino to santiago from porto in june, with my girlfriend. We are thinking of starting the 6th june.

As for your question regarding the metro station is the S.Bento station you must get off to go to the cathedral.

Hope you have a good journey and maybe we met along the camino.

see you and good luck


Hi Jav, thanks for the information regarding the metro station, and yes we may meet each other on the way. Have you and your girlfriend walked this Camino before? I am really looking forward to it and can’t wait to get started.
Best wishes

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