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Questions: pack size/type, distance to cover


New Member
Hello all,
I have a few questions--thanks to any who respond--
I'm walking end of May/beginning of June, and I'm looking for a pack. At the moment I'm thinking of the Osprey Atmos/Aura 35 or 50. Anyone have experience with these packs to share?
Also, I have 20 full days to walk. I'm in great shape, but in order to make it from SJPP to Santiago, I'll need to walk about 26 miles per day. Is this insane? Of course I'll want to see sights, rest, etc., but I'm mostly looking forward to the walking. Heat doesn't bother me, and I'm hardy when it comes to aches and pains.
Last thing: bed bugs. Not so hardy when it comes to thinking about those. Any word on current conditions at hostels? I'm considering just bringing along an anti-mite sheet to lay under my sleeping bag. Would this help?
Thanks very much.
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Yes, it's certainly possible - I walked it in 20 days and two others who started on the same day took a day longer - On average, I walked for about 7.25 hours per day with a maximum pace of 6 km/hr

I'd also suggest going for the lower volume sack and possibly going with a silk liner bag instead of a full sleeping bag


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Hi - I'm not familiar with those packs, but my advice is to buy it soon so that you can train by walking long distances with your full pack. Also, don't make the mistake I did the first time - I didn't check out the relative weights of the packs themselves - my pack itself was relatively heavy so I couldn't add as much gear as I wanted to...



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Hi, today I picked up my new backpack, an Osprey Talon 44, have had it on layby for the last 2 months. Its the small/med size so is about 42 litres and weighs 1 kilo (2.2lbs).

Last year I took an Osprey Aether 36 (sml size about 33 litres). While it was lightweight, there was only just enough room inside to fit my stuff plus a water bottle. It was very difficult to find extra room for food, bread got really squashed, biscuits broken etc. It also had no outside pockets, hence the water bottle being inside.

The new one has more internal room, outside pockets for bottles, little pockets for mobile phone, camera etc, so I can dispense with a bumbag. Also a nice light orange, so I'll be easy to find!

A question - where do you buy anti-mite sheets? I've not heard of these before.


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Found a couple of manufacturers by doing a Google search.
This one at -
looks good:
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2022 Camino Guides
The 2022 Camino guides will be coming out little by little, most of them by the end of 2021. Here is a collection of the ones that are out so far.
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Osprey pack

I picked up an Osprey Atmos 50 pack last month and have been very impressed with it. It is light weight (3 lbs.), has places for two water bottles, can handle Camelbak water bladder if desired, and has a great supension system that allows air to circulate while keeping the pack solidly on the back.

REI had these on sale last month, and I picked up the $200 pack for $70. The salepeople were even congratulating me on a good purchase. In the words of one fellow, "We keep them tucked away in the back so only the really comitted people would get them."

A few words of advice. Some people need some time to adjust to the pack, since it fits a bit different than your normal one. They also need time to figure out how to stow gear away in it, as it is not always intuitive. Some find stowing things in small stuff sacks first made life easier for them.


Active Member
You'll be fine with the 30/35 litre job. All you need to carry is two days worth of clothes, water, rucksack and all the little bits you'll need like wallet, sun cream etc...

I had my 50 lt pack lost in transit and ended up buying a 25 lt pack and I was ok with it, apart from not being able to pack my jacket in it, but that wasn't a big deal, I just strapped it to the outside.

Normally I'd use a 50 lt pack and just pull all the straps tight. I can't see any reason as to why, without water, your pack shouldn't be 5-6 kg in weight...

ps. Osprey sacks are fab ;)


New Member
Thank you

Thanks so much for these responses...the information on the anti-mite sheet is great--I wasn't sure where to find them, actually, I'd just heard about them, but I'm going to get one, I think.
Thanks for the info on the packs. Without a full sleeping bag (using just a liner) I think I'll have plenty of room in the Aura 35. I tried on the Atmos 35 in EMS and it felt great.
Thanks again--
Looking forward to meeting others walking May 23-June 13.



doing it in 20 is fairly easy for someone in good shape, just take it easy early, don't do the full 26 miles at first, build yourself up

as for the backpack, the 35 is fine. You don't need to carry food, so you won't have too much stuff to carry, and you always want to keep weight down.

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