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Re: CAMINO DEl NORTE (3200 km, 6 months walking)


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Time of past OR future Camino
Camino Frances (SJPP-Santiago) (Oct-Nov 08)
Santiago to Finisterre (Nov 08)
Via de la Plata/Camino Sanabres (Sevilla-Santiago via Ourense) (Oct-Nov 09)
Camino Primitivo (Oviedo-Santiago) (Sep-Oct 14)
Even for those who don't understand French, it's worth looking at Jean-François' website just to have a look at the wonderful images. I can tell a lot of time and effort has gone into the site (photos, maps, scans, diagrams, etc). An amazing trip along the French and Spanish coasts. Am intending to walk the Camino del Norte in 2011, so in the meantime, those photos are very inspiring.

Like Frère Lapin, I am amazed at the weight JF managed to carry - 25kgs! and over such a long distance!


Addendum: 15 Dec 09. Some posts have been removed from this thread so my post might not make much sense to those who did not follow the thread from the start. The site I am in fact referring to is
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Hi Frère Rabit and Jean-François,

Welcome to the forum!

I am Norwegian, and we have many people from all over the world that speak various languages. I think it is best to stick to one language, and I choose English when I started the forum 5 years ago. I think it is the language that is easiest for most people to communicate in.

That said. Over at the "albergue" it is possible to create groups. These groups can be in whatever language you want. At the moment we have a Polish group (writing in Polish): ... frompoland
...we have a Scandinavian group, that writes in Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish: ... nthecamino

So feel free to start a French group... For any of the groups created, the person starts the group becomes responsible for the group and its content, since I only understand Norwegian, Castellano, Galego, Swedish, Danish and English.

In the forum we should keep it to English. This way the most people possible can learn, participate and share their experiences.

I hope this clarifies things.

Greetings from Santiago,
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welcome to the site mon braves.trois cents francs,s'il vous plait
vous parlez tres bien l'anglais.
bon camino.
bravo pilgrim jean-francois both on your walk and your beutiful beard-and to you too briar rabbit I won't mention Crecy at all :wink:
Ivar Errr, I think perhaps you mean "English"? else I will soon be learning French. Not that I mind, but it may be a while before I can be understood by anyone. And the box may be the same for some others on the forum.

Best regards
Hmmmm somehow in the process of submitting the message the words seemed to have been scrambled.

It should read

""Ivar Errr, I think perhaps you mean "Anglais"? else I will soon be learning Francais. Not that I mind, but it may be a while before I can be understood by anyone. And it may be the same for some others on the forum.""

Lost in translation :)

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I feel that I have been portrayed here as some sort of electronic policeman who has gone overboard, and briefly just want to set the record straight.

In a very brief PM, in my limited French, to Frère Rabit only, who appeared to be a new poster, I pointed out that the forum was mainly in English. I asked a question about whether there might be forums about the pilgrimage in French. If I appeared to imply he should go find a French language forum, I apologise, but my French is limited.

And please, I am not wanting to start any kind of debate here over language issues- but I just felt I have been accused of some things that were not true, and I wanted to put my side of things forward.

And now, peace to all this Christmas season, and happy planning/preparation to the class of 2010!

By the way, I am not Australian :shock: : I am a Kiwi, and I walked from Le Puy.
Dear Jean-François,

Notre ami, que la paix du Christ être le vôtre. S'il vous plaît pardonnez-nous pour toute infraction que vous avez ressenti. Vous êtes un pèlerin extraordinaire and you are welcome here. Merci de partager un peu de votre histoire avec nous.

S'il vous plaît comprendre que le but d'utiliser une langue est pour que tous puissent comprendre. Il ne s'agit pas d'étouffer les Français ou à ceux qui parlent d'autres langues.

Our friend, may the peace of Christ be yours. Please forgive us for any offense you have felt. You are an extraordinary pilgrim and you are welcome here. Thank you for sharing some of your story with us.

Please understand that the purpose of using one language is so that all can understand. It is not to stiffle the French or those who speak other languages.

I would also ask those who send PM to people to take great care in how they word their request to speak English. We need to make it clear that we do not seek to offend anyone or detract from their willingness to share with us. I would also think that when a pilgrim such as JF comes along where so much was accomlished, it is not too much to ask to let those limited to English to use a translator on the web. Being so diligent to warn is not becoming or merited.

Re: ...

.pssssssssssssst!!! Brother Lapin.... the spirit of Pope John Paul might be lurking here and could be offended for being called a heretic for not having walked his last two pilgrimages to Santiago.
And.. those 250 million faithful who have visited (not walked to) Lourdes in the last 100 years might also be offended.
Aimery Picaud was about as French as they get and he didn't walk either, the heretic-unpilgrim-like salaud!!
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Re: ...

I have been away from the forum for a weekend without electricity so no internet.

I understand that we have inadvertently offended a special frenchman who has achieved great things. Please can someone (maybe Frere Lapin - I'm sure you are going to be an intriguing addition to this conglomeration of allsorts (albeit english speaking, generally), and you seem to know all about him) tell me what his achievements are and where I can read his blog - I can struggle through quite a bit of French with time and a dictionary for the hard words.


Never mind: we must keep in dialogue with the heretics!

I suspect that you are the brother of another brother,
the frere of another friar,
or perhaps you are the brother (or the friar) who,
every time you made an "ironic comment" on this forum,
it was at the expense of other members of the forum?
Don't hide behind your frock Mr Horsburgh - unmask yourself!

Come on David, stop playing funny-bunnies!
You join (re-join) three days ago and immediately land up in controversy.
Your syntax, your turn of phrase, your 'ironic comments' all gave you away.
I can't take all the credit though - someone else suggested that the Frere was really the Friar.
Do you know what gave you away - what really did it?
Oh never mind ...
The one from Galicia (the round) and the one from Castilla & Leon. Individually numbered and made by the same people that make the ones you see on your walk.

I think I should explain my last two posts.

To my (suspicious) mind, the person who joined a few days ago under the name 'Frere Rabbit' or Brother Lapin, was none other than Brother David.
When he joined, he didn't introduce himself, share any information (as most newcomers do) or feel his way softly through the posts before becoming a contributing part of the forum. He went straight into the fray surrounding this thread. His familiarity (we have been unjust, we have lost a valuable pilgrim) his knowledge about the moderators, his use of phrasing, style of writing and his divisive comment we must keep in dialogue with the heretics! convinced me further that this was classic Brother David - just in a different guise.

Now I don't give a fig if David Horsburgh comes back as the March Hare, its not my forum, but I do not like it when he uses derogatory and divisive language.

I have received a long, indignant email from Frere Rabbit, denying that he is Brother David, that he is in fact a Cistercian brother who has to "post under a psudonym (sic)... because I have to in my circumstances for anonymity". His email ends with a threat. (Uncharcateristic of a Cistercian.)

Reading the email makes me even more certain that it is David, but I guess I'll never know.

Yes this is all strange and I think I have to agree with you that there was something strange about both Frere Rabit and, in my opinion, Jean Claud (another recent french member). Last night I deleted a post from Frere Rabit, and today I find the exact same post posted by Jean Claud...

Anyway, I feel soooo much like moving on to more interesting topics. The sun is out in Santiago, a bit chilly, but nice walking weather with some warm clothes. Looking at O Cebreiro, I am surprised that there is no snow.. it is certainly cold enough:

Greetings from Santiago,
There is a moderate risk of severe weather affecting southeastern parts of England. Snow showers, especially during the first half of the day, will give local accumulations of 5 to 10cm.
Issued at: 1105 Tue 15 Dec
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JohnnieWalker said:
Ivar - I've got to walk in that weather in two weeks - please make sure it is warmer :)

Signed J Walker
AKA Johnnie Walker :)

A couple of training days on Dartmoor should get you prepared

(I'm only jealous because I won't be in Galicia in two weeks)

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Most read last week in this forum

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