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re-use a Credential?


RIP 2015
Probably being a bit thick,but can I use my passport from the Camino Ingles on the Route Frances.
I will have plenty of time in St-Jean to get a new one, as booked one night in the paris madrid-Bayonne-l'espirit du chemin and Orisson ( 3 days to travel 10k 8)
just like the idea of filling my original Credential.
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Ian - is the one you used on the Camino Ingles the one which is issued by the Tourist Office in Ferrol? If so: a) it won't have spaces and b) it isn't the one recognised by the Pilgrims' Office.

I think you'll find the Camino Frances is very special and you'll probably want a new Credencial with the first and last sellos being the beginning and end of the journey.

Its up to you though!



RIP 2015
thanks for your thoughts John,
my passport is the Credencial del Peregrino from the Catedral office in Santiago and I only used one page of the five (bit shy of asking for sellos) so I would like to fill it,I take on board your thoughts that the Camino Frances is special (I've been thinking about it for 2 years now) and looking at the stamps of the Camino Ingles now as I sit here I'm suprised how the memories come flooding back,
So a new passport it is.


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Another thing to consider, and I don't know the answer myself, is the last stamp on my Credencial is from the Cathederal in Santiago when they issued my Compostella.

I don't know if they would issue another Compostella or not. That may not be a concern with you, I doubt that the alburges would mind.



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A friend who walked from Vezelay to Santiago last year, used his credential on the Camino Portugues this year. THe albergues accepted it. He didn't go to the Pilgrim's office in Santiago to get another compostela though so not sure how that would have worked out. The people at the albergues, however, in the logs, would write Vezelay as his starting point as that's what the credential said. So, I'm not sure what they would do with it at the pilgrim's office--if they would look at the starting point listed or listen to your explanation and look at the different stamps. I would get a new one (there are tons of sellos available on the Frances so you will probably fill up 1 or more credentials)
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It is always better to use a new one for, as a retired police constable assured me, it is much less confusing when you need to establish an alibi. If one is ever asked what one was doing on the night of October 12, you can always pull out the credential, ponder for a moment, and inform the detectives that you were having a copa of tinto at the bar opposite the albergue in Santo Domingo de la Calzada.

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