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Reduce the use of Plastics on the Camino.


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This may have been covered before but it is useful to mention it now. We should all know the damage various plastic is doing to our enviroment. We can all take simple steps (excuse the pun) while on the Camino to reduce our use of plasitc.

Bring a metal water bottle with you and refil at fountains. I have done this for many years and the Spanish water has not killed me yet. Use a hydration system.

Carry a light cloth bag for your daily shopping.

Don't use plasic bags when buying fuit and veg, buy loose friut and veg rather than on plastic trays.

I use a waterproof backback that is like a dry bag, so no need for plastic bags in my backpack.

Have light thermos cup with you if you want a takeaway coffee.

Every little helps.

Just be concious of the needless use of plastic.

Enjoy your Camino and keep the Camino clean.
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It would really help if we couldn’t buy the plastic in the first place.

Supermarkets should be banned from providing plastic bags at the checkout. You either have to bring your own bags, or buy one of their eco-friendly cloth bags.

One of our local supermarkets has a huge drinking water tank at the entrance. You bring your own bottle and fill it up for10c.

If suppliers stopped selling plastic we wouldn’t be able to buy it.


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If suppliers stopped selling plastic we wouldn’t be able to buy it.
Quite so! Why is the consumer always to blame? I live in a 'nanny state' where it is now difficult to throw anything away. However , the Camino can be soooooooo littered in parts.
I once took an alternative less used path on the Camino Frances but I was still able to find my way by following the trail of plastic bottles , bags , hygiene pads and tissues.
Respect to those who go on organized cleaning pilgrimages.


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Plastic bottles and bags are horrible to the environment and my understanding is only a small percentage get recycled as it is a cost thing. Hopefully someday they disappear all together. Definitely while walking the Camino, try and avoid adding to the ever mountainous worldwide pile of plastic bottles and bags.
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