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Refuge Emaús in Burgos?

The refuge "Emaús" has moved the other year to an other place. There are now rumors that the owner has closed her refuge definetive this year. Has anyone approved information to this refuge?
Buen Camino
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Deleted member 3000

An article today indicates it is available in Burgos. There is no guarantee that the journalist checked her sources!!

The pilgrims jam during this month the shelters of Burgos
17.08.09 -

Way without crisis
The pilgrims jam during this month the shelters of Burgos

The municipal shelter of the street Fernán González, in the of Burgos capital, has pulverized marks during this month of August. It has a maximum capacity for 160 people and during several days, the Friendly association of the Way of Santiago, manages that it, has had to ask for the opening of the polideportivo of San Amaro to lodge to about 20 or 30 pilgrims to which it could not give bed in his facilities.

It is almost impossible to calculate the number of travellers who enter the of Burgos capital their route towards Santiago de Compostela. Besides the municipal shelter that manages the association, in Burgos other two facilities of this type exist - the shelters of Emaús and the Divine Shepherd and tens of inns and pensions that also usually welcome an important number of pilgrims during this time of the year. “For the city it is an important source of income”, recognizes Jesus Aguirre, the president of Friendly the of Burgos association of the Way of Santiago. Aguirre confirms that “the crisis does not make notch” in the jacobea route and remembers that the great affluence of pilgrims by all the route “results in benefit” of all the localities that crosses the Way. Because, in his opinion, although the peregrination to Santiago can seem a cheap form to make tourism in the days of crisis, “the pilgrim, if the city it likes, returns like tourist, is there where income become”.

Between the reasons for which the number of pilgrims is being east superior year that in the previous ones, could be, according to the association that Jesus presides over Aguirre, the fact that the next year is Year Santo Jacobeo, reason why many travellers would have preferred to avoid possible agglomerations in the route. Italian, American, Canadian and Korean Germans, French, - these last ones, relatively recent pilgrims win these days the shelter of Burgos, next to Catalan, Basque, Valencian and Madrilenian travellers. They do “It for several reasons. The main one is spiritual, go to the tomb of the apostle. But also from a patrimonial, cultural, landscaping point of view”, it details.

Jacobea Ruja
The municipal shelter of Burgos is located in the historical House of the Bucket, in the street Fernán González, right in the center of the of Burgos capital and on the own jacobea route. It works there for a year, when it replaced “the provisional” shelter that during years was placed in modules prefabricated in the park of the Parral. The new facilities, constructed by the City council with an important financing of cultural 1% of the Ministry of Public Works and the Economy, are to a passage of the Cathedral and have allowed the pilgrims to know the places most centric the of Burgos capital.

To this knowledge of the city also it has contributed the agreement signed between the Friendly association of the Way of Santiago de Burgos and the association of Official Tour guides, who develop routes guided by downtown, to that go about 30 users of the shelter every day. “Full success”, according to Aguirre, to that Box of Burgos in the last weeks, that the route completes, for the pilgrims that still conserve forces, with a gratuitous visit has been united to the CAB (Center of Art Box of Burgos).


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Can anyone tell me what the albergue situation is in burgos then? I'm confused, is the albergue in the park now closed, I was sort of hoping if I make it that far this year to maybe camp there (i'm sure i saw folks doing that?). I vaguely recall mention of a new bigger albergue near the cathedral, is this where i should be looking for beds?
I'm guessing no camping in the centre of the big city then, I did think this was abit hopeful!! :D :D :s

Deleted member 3000

The new albergue almost next to the cathedral has about 160 beds!

The municipal shelter of the street Fernán González, in the of Burgos capital, has pulverized marks during this month of August. It has a maximum capacity for 160 people and during several days


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Elzi..... my understanding is that the old albergue in the park was going to close when the new more central one opened to replace it.... but I haven't been back that way to check!
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300m from the cathedral and around the corner from the fresh food market in Santiago. Perfect place to tele commute from (1GB symmetrical connection).
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Rebekah Scott

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The albergue in the park is gone. The new one is doing boffo business.
You can camp outside the city at a very nice place near the Cartuja de Miraflores -- the fabulous and relatively unvisited Cistercian monastery atop a hill across the river from the city center.

As for Emaús, I have not run across any pilgrims this year who´ve stayed there. I don´t know whether it is still there or not. Maybe someone with the phone number can phone them and ask?

Oh, Jochem: We have had several pilgrims stay here recently referred by the Paderborn guide or the Paderborn refuge in Pamplona. Every one of them was a lovely guest. Thank you, and the confraternity, for the service you provide to them.

Re: Refuge Emaús in Burgos --> New address

Hello friends.
Here is the mail I got from the tourist information of Burgos:
The new address of the refuge Emaus has changed the adress. The new adress is Calle San Pedro de Cardeña 31 bis (SAn Jose's Church)
Rosalía López Murillo

Oficina Municipal de Turismo
Plaza del Rey San Fernando, 2
09003 BURGOS
Hello Rebekah.
Thank you for the compliments.
I love to read your blog! If you ever think of making a book of it please let me know. I want to be your first customer!
Buen Camino
Re: Incompetent Tourist Info

On my request in the case of existing or non existing of the refuge Emaús I got also this answer.
I can't confirm you if the pilgrims refuge Emaus will be closed or not. We don't have any information about this. You can phone to this refuge to confirm the information. The telephone number is 947 205363.
Eva Castresana

Oficina Municipal de Turismo
Plaza del Rey San Fernando, 3
09003 - Burgos Tel. 947 - 288874
Please judge yourself about the competence of this tourist information! The telephone number does not work.
Buen Camino.
Re: Refuge Emaús in Burgos exists!

At last I got contact with the owner of that refuge. She does not want her telephone number published. I can understand and accept that.
The refuge still exists! It has 18 places in bunk beds. Address see previous posting. The refuge is open from Easter until Oct. 31st.
Buen Camino
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